10 Facts About All On 4 Dental Implants

Dr Alex Fibishenko explains 10 facts you may not know about All On 4 Dental Implants.

Sadly, many people who could really benefit from All-On-4 implants don’t know much about them or the surgical procedure involved. This is why we’ve created a list of 10 essential things you should know about All-on-4 dental implants.

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We are All On 4 Clinic, some of Australia’s pioneers of All On 4 and dental implants concept, and birthplace of the newer All On 4 Plus and Zygoma Plus solutions for long-time denture wearers and people with deteriorated teeth and who want to avoid having to wear a plate.

We offer tooth replacement solutions (dental implant) that can be fixed and immediately placed. They are designed to feel and work like a natural set.

All On 4 locations are available in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. Advanced treatments are available to help you smile.

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  1. This is the most wonderful procedure you can go through! Fully recommend is a life change decision……and the best decision you can make in your life!
    Thank Dr Fibishenko for given this wonderful opportunity to so many people ….Dr Fibishenko is the best talante dental surgeon in Australia !

  2. I wish this group was in NY. I am unable to locate a high quality dental group anywhere. I have an upper denture, and a few bottom front teeth remaining. My oral surgeon wants to remove the remaining bottom teeth, do bone grafting on 7 bottom teeth upon removal, then wait months before inserting implants and he wants to insert 5 implants – 3 bottom center, one at current molar location bottom, and one in middle on same side. He said in order to have implant on left side I will need surgery and bone from hip. No thanks. I also read that implants in molar locations often don’t take so money wasted. I wish someone top doctor would help me

  3. I had all my upper teeth pulled for this and payed over $30,000 – like one in about fifteen of us, mine never fused to the bone. The risk was not accurately represented to me before hand. Toothless and poor by choice? You don't get your money back. Dentures might never work after.

  4. Thanks a lot for the video … I m planning to get my full all in 4 dentures but I m a bit afraid of bone loss . What could be the worse that happen ? My dentist said that he could even drill on my nasal bone 🙁 will the gap between my gum and the acrylic gum will get bigger and that could make it more difficult to clean and then cost infections ? Thanks for taking the time to reply to me 🙂

  5. Thanks for your attention , I hope you can help me.

    I had all on 4 on the top and bottom jaws .  I'm due to go back to Turkey in 2 months time to have 

    the temporaries removed and have a  porcelain  fused to metal prosthetics fitted,

    Can I ask please what do I expect, will I need injections is it a big thing and painful ?

    Any help to my question will be very much appreciated.

  6. Is this an option for someone whose face has been destroyed by orthodontics? My teeth flared out and my molars extruded, giving me an open bite, then all my teeth stretched down to close the open bite. I’m distraught with my appearance. No ortho can help. I’m considering chucking the teeth and going with implants. Please let me know.

  7. My most dream now in my life is to back my confidence of smile,if i had a chance I choose to get a new teeth,i cannot live a day without wearing smiles 😊

  8. Hi I hope someone someone can help me for my dental problem..I cannot afford to go to a dentist and have a treatment..I will keep praying that some one will help me and lend me a prayer too thank you very much

@drrashti Fixed retainers make it super difficult to clean your teeth! They caus…