A Snoring Solution for Your Dental Patients

Interview with Randal Hadfield DDS


Convergent Dental sat down with Randal Hadfield, DDS of Hadfield Dental Care to better understand his use of the latest addition to the Solea All-Tissue Laser – a snoring solution called Solea Sleep.

How has Solea Sleep affected your practice?

Solea Sleep can be one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new patients and grow your practice. Many of my existing patients have had the laser snoring treatment, but it’s actually exploded new patients walking in our doors. For that alone, it’s been great.

There is also the option to offer a new service. Solea’s Sleep snoring treatment is quick, painless and non-invasive. I’ve got several wives that would love to hug me because their husbands aren’t snoring anymore!

How has Solea Sleep impacted the lives of your patients?

Most people have been very open-minded. It is always a question we get about how long it will take and if it hurts. Once we walk them through the laser snoring treatment, show them the brochure, the majority say, “Let’s get it done.” The response right afterwards is, “Yeah, you were right. It was fast and I didn’t have any discomfort.” Once the treatment is complete, I have my patients sit up and take a big deep breath through their nose and ask them to tell me if they notice a difference. The majority of them sit up and go, “Oh my gosh, I can breathe better.” Solea Sleep has been a great addition to my practice.

How has Solea Sleep’s ROI been?

I bought the Solea laser in 2017 and it has several benefits that result in a strong ROI. Anesthesia-free, quicker appointmentsThis is the primary driver.

Solea Sleep is one of the few dental treatments that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. happier patientsThere is a substantial fee-for-service. We don’t have any extra products we need to use for the therapy, and the end result is a fee that goes mostly to my bottom line.

Did you do anything extra to promote Solea Sleep.

We produced a radio ad that was very well received by the station. I had two of our local radio personalities come in and get the treatment free-of-charge, so that when they talk about Solea Sleep, it’s not just an anecdotal thing. They are able to snore, so it is more real for them.

When you buy radio advertising, you don’t know exactly the time and day it will run. You can tell when the ad is running because the phones begin ringing. We’ll get three or four people in a row wanting to ask questions and schedule a Solea Sleep appointment.

You can listen to the ad below:

What advice would you give other dentists considering Solea Sleep?

Solea has been one of the best pieces of equipment that I’ve put into my office. The Solea Sleep laser snoring treatment specifically has done two things initially that I didn’t think it would do so quickly.

First, it’s driven more patients into my practice because they hear the advertising and they want a rapid, discomfort-free snoring solution. My patients and their partnersThey were extremely satisfied with the result.

Second, it’s added a brand-new procedure to my practice that is easy-to-perform, fast, great for my patients, and requires very little post-treatment follow-up. We see most patients about three weeks later, just to see how they’re doing.

And to top it off, Solea Sleep is probably one of the most effective things as far as a return-on-investment that I’ve seen in a long time.

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A Snoring Solution for Your Dental Patients

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