Case of the Week: A Straightforward Implant Case on Tooth #30

Subtitles: Spanish (U.S., Mexico, Latin America), Arabic, Hindi
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Dr. Abai shows us his step-by–step procedure for another simple implant case, tooth #30.
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  1. I am wearing dentures now and my bottom dentures moves a lot when I am eating. I am planning to have all my bottom gums with implants next year. Would I be put to sleep during this surgery?

  2. Just had this done yesterday my mouth felt like a construction site but it was totally painless. My dentist is so great a numbing up the area I never even feel one needle and from start to finish it only took about 1 hour now he wants me to wait 3 months for the abutment and then the crown. Because it's so expensive were doing in stages. Not bad at all though pain snd recovery wise.

  3. My dentist didn't suggest this for me as I'm still young that time, I was like 14 years old only so she suggest doing the "crown" thing and I think it's kind of effective too.

  4. I got this done yesterday. I felt no pain during the procedure and almost no discomfort afterwards(took 1 pain pill immediately afterwards). Today I feel completely fine and am just waiting for the stitches to dissolve. I didn’t want to watch this before but for anyone worried, I would say not to worry because modern medicine is wonderful. Awesome video!

  5. i lost 7 tooth. 4 at the upper front and 1 to the side and 1 on either side of my molars i didn't really took care of my teeth when i was young (tho im still young) im just 15 now. i have a denture but it aint enough lol i wish i was rich so i can afford it 😭 it gets me all envious whenever i see people my age having complete set of teeth sucks to be me bruh

  6. That doesn't look like a perfect fit it doesn't look evenly placed it could have been moved back more it's to close to the front teeth… I would have been upset if that was my x-ray… That's why I have certain standards when doing something I wouldnt have placed that like that because I wouldn't have wanted it placed in my mouth like that if your happy about that then you need to go check your self… I hate to say it but I wouldn't want you working under me that's my employee… You're supposed to do your best at all times… And I only say that because that's how I roll…Sorry for being so truthful I can't help it…

  7. Should a dentist have good experience of fitting implants or can they confidently fit them after receiving basic/in depth training, whatever the training is? In UK, some dentist fit implants themselves, some use an implantologist, whose daily job is to ONLY fit implants – so he's a specialist, yes?

@princxssglitterhead Answer to @kelmar1970 YES!!! HUGE APPEAL!!! All done in #on…

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