Crown came off after 7 months , help?

Hi everyone,
In October, a Tennessee dentist put my crown on me. It’s my back molar tooth. It was too large when the crown was placed and I had 2 trips back to get it filed down. He did not just file down my crown, but also the below tooth. It was not too significant. I didn’t like that. I was also disappointed in the color of my crown.

Now, fast forward seven months and my crown is off. Completely unexpected good thing I didn’t swallow it. Since then I live in a different state and I’ll be seeing a different dentist tomorrow. The dentist that put this on said I’m not obligated to any refund unless they see me. I’m not returning to that since as it’s 1,000 miles away and I refuse to see this dentist. They told me to send X-ray imaging done tomorrow and we’ll go from there. Is there any way I can get a refund?

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