Dental Implant Consent Video

This video is a dental implant consent video that’s good to point out to sufferers for implant consent (along with related kinds).

We want to thank Houston’s Midtown Dentistry for creating the dental implant consent video. Dr. Penchas has been a very long time buyer of BlueSky Bio.
You’ll be able to go to their web site at

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  1. Dental implant is a long time taking awaiting procedure. Is it possible for some one , after removal of teeth, to go for a temporary removable dentures before the post implantation process?? thanks!!

  2. My tooth is loose. This is an adult tooth. The left front tooth on the top. What should I do? My mom says it will heal and set if I leave it alone. Is that true? C'mon guys I'm scared.

  3. I asked my dentist and he said it costs 6k inr ( 81 $ ) in india for 1 tooth , but in comment section everyone mentioning more than 1000 $ … Its giving me heartache here 😂😂

  4. I’ve barley brushed my teeth my entire life and I’m almost 22. I regret it, but no matter how much I brush my teeth now, it’s too late. I can’t eat anything cold because it hurts like a mf. My teeth are still strong but they don’t have many more years left in them. It even hurts when I breath, because the air I inhale passes through my teeth of course and yeah it hurts. It’s my fault, I just thought that brushing my teeth was stupid and useless

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