Dental Implant Placement

Ross Cutts – Surgery

The surgical video by Dr Ross Cutts demonstrates implant placement and Guided Bone Regeneration with Jason® membrane and cerabone® in the anterior region.
Dr Cutts, an experienced implantologist, has a private practice located in Cirencester / UK. Cutts is an ITI Fellow and ITI Study Club Director. He also serves as the UK coordinator. He is a committed advocate of aesthetic dentistry.

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  1. I was thinking about doing this. But now that I know how evasive it is I'm second guessing it. I had no clue they had to cut away the gum line and get right to the job home. Thought it was a simple Pole and drill. Good old YouTube

  2. Resident attempted initial incision without professor present. Stopped resident in his tracks, and told him to get his professor. Tell me this is not the norm in any procedure.

  3. i am an aspiring dentist and was curious as to what sort of temporary was delivered ?also is it required for the temp to be in underocclusion? also thankyou for the video!

  4. It's too horrible 😥😥😥why I saw this horror video 😭😭😭 when anesthesia powar gone in two to four hours, it's feel too much pain, that person drink any hot, cold how's their reaction, how is their face it..what he is eat and howwwwww? …Ohh nooooo😞😞😞 God. Bless you dear…..!

  5. I had an implant yesterday…but the damage to surrounding tissue is much lower, the surgeon didn't have to cut my gums along the roots of neighboring teeth like that…was it because I had enough bone to start with? Or just different techniques?

  6. how much does this hurt??
    I’m missing the two teeth by my front teeth and it caused a gap. currently I’m fixing the gap but I need dental implants to get rid of the two other gaps on the side of my mouth and I’m scared of the procedure 🙁

  7. Good evening …thank so much for this video ..
    But there is no sound with it …could you please say what sequece of burs that are used during site prepration ?..
    What is name of that material that is placed over carbon granulate ??

@drrashti Reply to @ticko102 I hope this was helpful! #dentalimplants #veneersj…

Is it normal for wisdom tooth to grow misaligned from other molars?