Dental Implant Procedure { DENTIST Reviews Implants Cost & Risks }

Dr. Sami discusses the costs and procedures of dental implants in this video. Tooth implants can be a powerful method to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about dental implant procedures. This article will cover everything you need to know regarding dental implants, including safety, cost of dental implants, types of implants, and more. . . . I hope you find this video helpful!

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Video Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Dental Implant Bone
01:46 Same Day Implants
02:44 – Implant Crown Food Trap
03:36 – Dental Implant Patients
04:04 – Dental Implant Types
05:25 – Cleaning Dental Implants
05:58 – Implant Infections
07:02 – Dental Implant Safe
08:25 – Dental Implant Cost
09:55 – Conclusion

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  1. I live in Miami fl, My cost is 36k & I have to pay 700 monthly. I had a
    – deep cleaning
    – 1 root canal
    – 3 extractions 2 were wisdoms
    – having 10 implants but the 2 in front will be a bridge so I guess that’s only 8 implants
    Can u please tell me if u think I’m being charged fairly? Thank you for the great video❤ #new sub

  2. Hi Dr Saimi.Im at late 30s range. I just had 1 back tooth extracted at top right side.Reason for extraction:had root canal treatment 10 years ago on that tooh but the tooth has rot.Thus extracted.Since its only 1 tooth, can i not go for implant?so what if the other tooth shift what will be the implications?will confirm shift?

  3. I have MetLife dental insurance, and paid around $3,800 out of pocket for 2 extractions, an anesthesiologist for the extraction, 2 implants, 2 abutments, and two titanium crowns.

    I had my crowns put on 4 days ago. At first they felt very strange, and the pressure from chewing made my jaw ache (only when chewing). Today, the ache and discomfort from chewing has gone away… And I’m genuinely happy to be able to chew on my right side again!

    Having my implants and crowns feels like getting a second chance… An expensive second chance! Highly recommend

  4. I'm almost done with my front incisor implants. Took about 5 months. I didn't have good bone quantity so bone graft was done. Prior to this implant I had a butterfly crown for 10+ years. But my final crown had to have a procelain gum since gum growth wasn't much of a success. Is it normal for the final crown to have a porcelain gum? I regret 5 months of this costly process only to end up with a fake gum aboutcm 2-3mm attached to the tooth.

  5. This video is on point. Having two implants and everything you’ve stated my periodontist informed me about. After insurance paid it’s portion I’m out the door around $8500. Worth every penny paid.

  6. I’m currently thinking about get rid of root canal which I got about five years ago in favor of an implant. My RC is really annoying me the past couple of years to the point I had to get my teeth next to it reshaped because it was causing sensitivity. I’m currently doing clear aligners so I’ll have aligners by Fall.

  7. I currently have a crown tooth that is very fragile and will fall off any minute. I’m considering a dental implant, however i’m one of those people that always thought it’s a one day process. Now, my question is, since the healing process takes 5 months or so, does that mean I will be toothless during those 5 months? Or is there a temporary solution until everything heals. Also, i’m 26 and my bone structure is perfectly fine, and i’m not ill nor do I smoke.. i’m getting quotes for a simple dental implant for 5-8k. Is that normal? Last question, how do I know i’m with the right clinic since i’m looking for bargains.

  8. First thank you for the information, very clear and easy to understand.
    I just started tooth extract process for implant 3 to 4 minute wait in December
    -however, I have developed infection which had spread to my sinus. I’m on anabiotic‘s (penicillin) at this time.
    My question is,-if this is normal-to have an infection that’s spread to the sinus and have foul smell from the graph?

  9. Just a quick question: do you recommend a braces or Invisalign in general for someone with missing 3 lower molar teeth?
    I am freaked out of getting a braces and the metal to brake when I eat something, just because it’s not attached to any teeth in the area. Hope you can help me with an advice. 😰

  10. Thank You, this was very helpful! I am in the process of getting 2 implants and the procedure is going great and I have a great dentist and a great periodontist, that are working together here on LongIsland, NY, to help me keep my beautiful smile

  11. Good question for those of us that have no teeth and TMJ disorders.

    How in the world do we get a bill passed to make dental implants a part of a necessity and covered by major insurances at 80% or some significant cost?

    I understand that certain things are reserved for the upper class and the wealthy. But to be able to live longer by eating properly with implants, taste foods, keeping my jaw at rest with permanent implants for my TMJ pain to subside shouldn't be only for the rich or people with perfect credit.

    What country can I move to to make this happen? America is obviously a place where people come to get rich and not care for people. CASH money is all that matters and helping people is not a responsibility

  12. I need to get all my teeth pulled out I started losing them when I was 15 now I'm 31 I finally got a dentist appointment not sure how much implants be or dentures tired of being in pain having people judge

  13. Thank you 🙏🏼 very much for doing this video <Smile Influencers> !
    So why the implants should not be placed in the sinus? I have two that are partially in my sinus since 2018 and I was having problems with them from the very beginning. I was having pain around my ear 👂 and I could not stand when people are talking in loud voices or the TV 📺 was too loud. I believe I also was getting headaches from those implants that were placed in the sinus by a dentist that only wanted the money 💰 Now 3 years later those implants are still not restored because of not enough hight and I have developed a really bad TMJ because I am not able to chew on this side at all because of the several teeth missing. Not only that but I already was starting to have problems with Tinnitus in both of my ears 👂, but this Dentist could not care less about that. Not only that he did not care about the medical history but he stuck the implants in my sinus. Do I have the right to seek reimbursement or even sue him? Now I have a terrible TMJ, Sleep Apnea, I am dizzy all the time, I also have pressure inside of my skull 💀 around my ear 👂 and all around my head. How would you call this other than “dental malpractice” ? Please give me a good advice! Do I need to get these implants out even though they appear to be well integrated? Thank you! 🙏🏼

  14. Thank You. Had a root canal done forgot to get the crown. I ate something and it appears the tooth cracked? There is an infection with bone loss large amount of composite material and a 50/50 success on a retreat. Unfortunately I believe an extraction is the best option?

  15. If the two tiny screws they put in the implant that are supposed to come out before you get the crown are not able to be taken out, will that have anything to do with the failure of an implant?

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