Dental Implants: Krista's Story

Throughout her second being pregnant, Krista’s enamel began to fail. She finally misplaced a number of enamel and obtained a partial, however struggled with the ache. At all times placing her household first, Krista knew that if she didn’t enhance her dental well being, she’d be in for a lifetime of expensive short-term options. After receiving full arch enamel restoration from ClearChoice, Krista says her dental implants make her really feel more healthy and provides her the hope she must lastly attain her skilled aspirations.

The ClearChoice all-inclusive strategy has helped rework the lives of hundreds of sufferers like Krista. Now our staff is prepared that can assist you get a step nearer to your new smile, and it begins proper right here.

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  1. People moaning about teeth… at least they have some regardless of what they look like. Think yourself lucky you have teeth and can eat. Im hooked up to a drip being fed because i have no teeth at all.. and ive lost so much weight i look anorexic.

  2. I would give anything ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for someone to help me! I suffered with severe depression as a child after something happened to me & I stopped looking after myself! Here I am 20 years later with gaps and the rest of my teeth are just horrible but I’m a mum to 2 boys and I just can not afford to put myself first .. they need things 😩 it’s totally ruining my life as I just want to smile but then again I guess it’s my own fault for not looking after them! If only I could turn back time …

  3. Wow great story. You do deserve it. It’s a shame that the final cost are so high but they are a total game changer. No one should have to eat with a denture for the rest of their life especially from this young age on.

  4. Krista is so brave for telling her story. I don't think most people would pull out their dentures like she just did on camera. Sure she probably got paid for it but I'm too insecure for that and i have all my teeth intact lol

  5. Your story is the same. I have bad teeth because of my pergency. I wish I could get help. A dentist said he will never want to work with me because of my ugly teeths. He tell my husband to give me the divorce

  6. Ok im dead serious as im debating my wife getting implants VS dentures. The implants don't come out ? And if they do there are studs so she can't give gummers without hurting me right ?

  7. Do they ever take charity cases. Or a person with some money and some insurance. I'm in pain and dream of getting this done everyday. I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask. I'm a single who has been a crisis line volunteer for over ten years and I'm so embarrassed of my painful non-existent smile. Thanks again and God bless you for all the people you help everyday. I do anything to be one of them. Thanks, Krista

  8. I have been thinking of getting full dental implants. Just a little scared on having all my teeth pulled out. I currently have to implants in my upper jaw. They had to add a bone graph as the bone in that area was too thin to support an implant post. That took 3 months to heal. I guess the only way to find out if I need other bone graphs is have the CT scan and they can tell me if I am a good candidate.

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