Let’s discuss the different types and uses of titanium for dental implants. I discuss the different surfaces of implants and how they are treated.

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  1. I think my dentist that is caring for my implants doesn't know about some of the technical procedures you've mentioned. I'm in big problems switching dental institutions (1st one I was not feeling comfortable and confidence). (2nd one I don't know what to feel… omg😱) I might be screwed 😳

  2. I am.shocked to fins out the ceramic ones come worh aluminum oxide. I would like vodeo also on the other mentals present in titanium imolants . Strsuman does grade 4 but contain zirconium 12% .. it's not stated what grage zircoinium. There are still traces of other metals in gradr 4 titanium alone. What are the risk of this metals in oure body. Who is at risk of developing sensitivity? Should i take metal sensitivity test? I read about it affecting lungs, spreading to other tissues, when does it happen, over time ? I resd they can chip to surrounding tissue and casue problem. I dont think patient is told much of what are side effects or the full implant chemical composition. Dentist seem to be upset to get asked to much

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Discoloration on baby teeth