Dental Implants vs Bridges for Missing Teeth

In this week’s episode we will review some ways your dentist and orthodontist manages missing teeth. Your dentist can fix missing teeth or multiples using partial dentures, dental bridges, dental implants, orthodontics, and other methods. Today we’ll discuss single tooth replacement and how to treat missing teeth. We’ll discuss the most conservative and least conservative options, and how braces and orthodontics can be used to close and open spaces for missing teeth.

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0:00 – Let’s go!
1:07 – Introduction/outline
1:42 – Implants
2:59 – Removable partial dentures
3:52 – Fixed partial dentures (bridges)
5:22 – Orthodontics
7:00 – Outro


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  1. I just spent almost three thousand dollars for partial dentures and the bottom feels like I am chewing on broken glass ,,, they are horrable , twelve hundred dollars of my money burnt like paper I cant wear the denture its so painful ,..If the cost of inplants dont go down Americans are all going to be toothless like snails ,,, sucking liquid diets ,,,, Dentist dont care what it cost

  2. im getting braces soon but in order to do that they have to take a molar teeth out since it’s a baby teeth also got told that no teeth is gonna come out from there. so im gonna have no teeth there but they had told me that the braces can close the gap .

  3. I’m paying 13,897.63$ for 3 teeth to be extracted and dental implants to get put there. I can’t get over the fact that I could legit buy a car instead, such a huge commitment…..:(

  4. question… On my upper 1st bicuspid, basically the whole tooth has chipped off, leaving just the root. It got all infected. I got on antibiotics. But I'm trying to figure out how to extract the root? I have no money to go to the dentist. I'm also seeing what free options there are, which might be possible. But I was just thinking if there was some way to just pull the root out myself? Like if you were going to just extract the root yourself, what do you need exactly? There's not much to grab onto either with plyers. I can just barely feel the top of the root with my toungue. I did get an exam and it shows just the root left in there. And does that have to come out? Like if I just left that in, will this infection come back after the antibiotics are done? Then also I have the upper 2nd molar that also needs to come out. It's mostly all there though. So that one I could get plyers onto. Any suggestions for that one? Again I am trying to get into a free dentist as well but I kinda wanted to just see if I could do it on my own.

  5. Hi Dr. Greg! I'm not interested in any of the options. Those don't sound appealing. So, what are the other options to fill the gap for a lower molar? Thanks in advance if you can reply!😀

  6. In life there are 3 trades or professions that have us all by the bollocks .
    And in all honesty can charge what they like.
    1 Dentist.
    2 Vets.
    3 fucking plumbers .
    Dentist we will pay because pain don't go away.
    Vets they know we will pay anything to stop our pets from dieing or suffering.
    Fucking plumbers want a call out charge
    Or we just tread water.
    Reading some of the comments on here
    It's so sad.

  7. You are remiss in NOT revealing the costs and time involved in getting these procedures. My implant was $5,200 and took 9 months of visits. You dont mention bone grafts needed for procedure or complications

  8. I have a missing front adult tooth that was treated with braces, you don't really notice it unless your looking at me straight now or I've told you. This was an interesting video, thanks for sharing!!

  9. Thank you for this info. I have a missing first molar on both quadrant. On the right side my 2nd molar is already tip to my bicuspids and it hurts lile hell when i try to bite food with it. I had the thought of having it removed by this video gave me options.

  10. Yes , please explain more by making the video.
    What I learned about the process and adding crowns to two good teeth to hold the missing tooth in place is not conducive, because if either of the crowned teeth have a issue- well there goes the crowns and money down the drain.

    Sorry I got off track. How would one floss under a tooth cemented in by two crowned teeth if there’s no gap between the two crowned teeth? Thank for this video .

  11. I just lost tooth #4 due to a fracture and will eventually get an implant. Once this is complete can I do invisalign? Or, should I do this prior to the implant?

  12. Everyone I've known that has gotten a crown – it's failed typically within 5 years…including mine. It was redone twice and then they had to pull the tooth and it messed my jaw.

  13. How about either building up composite material bonded to an adjoining tooth or a plastic denture tooth keyed and bonded ? Time taken after impression and technician say 45 minutes .Cost say £ 200.00
    Cheap and very cheerful ! ——- and they last !

  14. Dentists use a lot of FUD. They will tell you that if you're missing a tooth, your opposing tooth will fall out within a year or two…not true. They will tell you if you are missing a tooth, your other teeth will shift and fill in the gap….not true. Unless you get braces. They tell you if you remove a tooth, you only have a year to get an implant without complications because your jaw bone will deteriorate. They will even recommend you to get the implant right after extraction. If your dentist tells you any of these things, please ask him/her to direct you to the scientific studies.

  15. Well, I have 2 missing premolars that never existed and before I got braces it was decided to pull the 2 adult premolars that match the ones I had missing. So now I am missing 4 premolars in May school quadrant in my mouth. But after looking at a chart, I must also be missing 4 molars as well. I only have 12 on top ay12 on bottom. Anywho, when I got braces the orthodontist just closed the gaps in each quadrant. However there is still about a half tooth sized gap in each quadrant where those teeth should be. I’m fine with it though because they are far enough back to not be noticed in my smile and it’s easier to clean.

  16. I’m 78 and about to lose one maybe two lower front teeth due to jaw bone loss. The plan hasn’t been finalized but bone grafting has been discussed. Will I have enough bone of any sort for implants? One of the canines will remain but it’s always been crooked. Could orthodontics be use ( at my age ) to both straighten it and at least partially fill the gap left from the extraction(s)? I also have Tori(sp) ( bone overgrowth) protruding on the inside of my lower jaw and I’m wondering if they will inevitably make any kind of partial or permanent bridge uncomfortable.

  17. Ugh. I'm getting one bridge on each side on my lower side in the back because those teeth were abscesses and removed years ago. I didn't know bridges were so high maintenance. But of course, since I have to do everything through the VA, of course they picked the cheapest and most annoying option 😔 I have super bad anxiety in general and extreme dental anxiety, so this is gonna be a blast 🥲

@thebentist GUYS SERIOUSLY?! These lights DO NOT work so don’t waste your money …

25F at breaking point. I don’t know how to care for my teeth anymore. The other day a back tooth with filling in chipped and I can’t get to the dentist until Thursday. Also one of the front ones now need a root canal. Just sharing my sadness.