Dental Implants VS Tooth bridge – Comparison ©

Dental Implant VS Dental Bridge

3D video of Clinica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( about the comparison between a dental implant and a treatment with a tooth bridge.

This video compares an implant treatment to a treatment that uses a bridge without a tooth.

Placing the implant in the location of the removed tooth will ensure that the bone and soft tissues are maintained at their best. It is important to prepare adjacent teeth for a bridge. Both methods can produce good cosmetic and functional results. Sometimes, a bridge is necessary in situations where implants are not possible.

Because the bone has no stimulation, it can start to resorb. This affects aesthetics. Sometimes, the bridge may need to be replaced if one or more pillars becomes damaged or decayed. In this case, another tooth will serve as a pillar.
This is because it is impossible to visually fix the soft tissue and bone loss without grafts.

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  1. I had a bridge put in as a teenager I am now 64 and I can honestly say I have never had any issues with it. It’s still going strong despite having for periodontal disease for 22 years. Where as implants failed.

  2. I have tooth bridge for front teeth from past 10 year and now they are infected …
    But now I interested in implants shall I go with implants? Is it permanent solution then bridge?

  3. I’m seeking some advice since I have very recently been told that I need to pull both of my first molars. I’ve since then had my left first molar removed and now I am hesitant for the second surgery. Both of my teeth were infected and my right molar is still currently. I have no pain whatsoever but the underlying issue is that it has to be pulled. I worry because I’m already finding it difficult to chew and it’s very hard to make that adjustment.

    I just want to know if anyone else has had this experience and I’m wondering what everyone thinks the best option is. I could either get the bridge and shave down healthy teeth and risk infection again or I can get an implant which I simply can’t afford. Honestly it’s all been really hard for me and I kindve want any help I can get 🙁

  4. It is unacceptable to put a bridge on a patient without making sure that your fitting the bridged tooth under the gum line. When it’s not fitted under the gum-line it then becomes visually obvious that the bridged tooth is a fake, thus defeating the purpose of getting the bridged tooth to begin with.

  5. Hello , I recently had a 3 unit
    bridge on lower incissors , I was missing one congentially . My dentist did root canals on my two abutment teeths which were perfectly fine(without any cavity) before cutting them and installing bridge . But I am reading online that it's not compulsary to do . So I am wondering why did he did that , Are there some advantages of it if we do the RCT before ? or did he just do it to make some money ? I am really feeling bad knowing I have destroyed my other fine teeths as well. Would RCT treated teeth cause problem in future ?

  6. Ok, so I just got an estimate for 4 implants with no bone grafts necessary including restoration of the crowns after six months , whatever that means. I assume it means adjustments as needed or I guess it could mean that is when temp crowns come off and permanent ones are installed. Either way , the cost for 4 implants including post, abutment, and crown without bone grafts was around 24,000.
    I rarely see pricing and I think people need at least a ballpark figure.
    One dentist said I need a bone graft and one said I did not, I think it is worth getting two opinions as a bone graft is the cost of one implant so very important ti pay a small consult fee to avoid 1000’s for a bone graft that you may not need, not to mention healing time needed from bone graft which is 3-6 months , then there is a risk of it not even working.

  7. I'm 27 year i lost my 2 front teeth and the doctor told me i don't have enough bone for implant but i can go for bridge fix pls suggest me should i do bone graft because I'm already scared of bridge fix by watching this video.

  8. Do not remove your teeth. Keep if you can it's better than dentures or implants don't rush if you are not sure. Many dentists don't do their job as an art as they should the shape and the size of theeth matters.
    every time someone smiles you'll notice, it's not the patient fault but the dentists. I wish all the dentists do their job as an art and as if it was their teeth but there are very few out there. I hope everyone would find one.

  9. I have got bridge of 3 tooth last year and now ,tooth which had used for bridge are paining, got abscess , please suggest what i need to do ..dr Said to do root canal but i am scared .

  10. Basically, The implant is less risky, but more expensive while the bridge is cheaper, but less effective and the cost could eventually exceed that of an implant. There is also the problem that bridges can sometimes involve healthy tooths, which worsen over time whenever a new bridge is required. I always felt off with the idea of bridges and it took me over 7 months to finally save enough to get my two implants.

    Edit: My tooths were measured, and it was set to another business to create the tools specific to my implant, I paid all costs, and the dentist told me that they will call me once they arrive so he can implant them. They called me once it arrived and asked me to pay for "continuation fees for $500" which was not mentioned before, and made nonsense. I can't find information about a "continuation fee" related to dentists on all sites I have searched. And I truly don't trust the dentist to tell me the truth.

  11. I had my fixed bridge fro over 10 years and my new set will be installed tomorrow. I never had issues with it and even my dentist told me that it still looks great. Don’t be scared to go for fixed bridge or crowns because of his video. Unless there’s an underlying issues with the bone, I don’t think this will happen to anyone.

  12. Am 24 years old I had 2 missing teeth in the front so my dentist recommended me dental bridges with 4 supporting teeths so I have 4 teeths grounded 😭 since I didn't have enough bone to get implants done .
    Can I get implants now?

  13. Someone help I don’t know what to do… do I choose an implant or the bridge? everyone keeps talking about both and how they both lead to issues moving on… also I’m broke but if the implant is better than I rather get the implant done

  14. Pretty good vídeo but the idea is to sell the implant, of course is the best.

    However, the situation that you described with the dental bridge it only happens when the dentist does not trained the patient on how to take care, or the patient just didn't care the dental brush tecnique.

    Besides, it seems the dentist forgot the Angel Law.

  15. I'm getting an implant for my one tooth missing in the back. The one benefit about being a single bachelor with no kids/child support to pay is I can afford a dental implant for just 3-4 grand. To me it's worth it. In all honesty I see people pay more for a mediocre car with 100,000 miles on it. People don't realize how important your teeth are.

  16. Fixed bridge a way better than Implant.. Much better enough in the pocket.. 😁
    Been waiting for almost 2 months now…
    7k per I teeth.. I lost two, I paid 4teeth all lol.. That's how fixed bridge works… Wow mazing

@drjawline The eventual plan: replace with a dental implant #learnontiktok #tikt…

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