DENTURES vs Dental IMPLANTS Full Mouth Rehabilitation – See the Smile Transformation!

Watch this episode to see how this incredible technique was used to transform a smile using Dental Implant Supported Propsthetics (Hybridge)!

The lovely lady approached us asking that we not make a denture. She wanted to be able smile and eat without having to take out her teeth. The latest in oral surgery was used to create a prosthetic that could be permanently screwed into place. This allows the patient to feel confident and comfortable in their ability to enjoy the foods they love.

After removing the remaining teeth, 6 implants were placed and a temporary prosthetic was created. You will never be without a smile again! Our dental lab is one of the most advanced in dentistry. We can create a smile that suits your needs and aesthetics. Hybridge Labs can quickly create your new smile. This results in a patient who is happy and will be able to enjoy her life with a beautiful smile that doesn’t need to be removed while she eats the food she loves.

Innovative Dental understands the struggles people face when choosing a dentist to care for their smile. We love the transformation that full mouth rehabilitation can bring to people’s lives. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for our patients at an unbelievable value.

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  1. Hi I'm thinking about dentures I have 11 teath left and my mouth I was told my botem has alot of bone loss and the back bottom I'm trying to figure out a cost I was told bye a dentist in new Hampshire for 3 implant and snap in dentures for the bottom would be 12000

  2. Is there any advantage to do implants one on one for an entire mouth. What would be the limiting factors. Example the quality of bone one is starting with age general health. I am an x hygienist who loves dentistry and talk with others aboutchoices

  3. Well I am working on my first permanent implants. But had bad experience thru western dental. My good teeth were chipped while they pulled and did the necessary surgery and also the screws wire 2 are poking out of my gum and hurt. What do you suggest or an opinion please..

  4. Yeah you have to be prepared to lose your wallet. Lmaooo. I’m getting my 6 screws up top uncovered tomorrow. It’s expensive as shit but unlike a lot of things in life this is 10000000% worth it. I couldn’t eat anymore and never ever smile. If you have it or even have to take out a loan and pay for it that way just do it. Life unfortunately stinks when your teeth are that banged up. Life changer no doubt.

  5. On Tuesday I did 10 implants, 6 up and 4 down 2 bone additions and 8 tooth extractions in one day. I didn't have any pain the next day but now I feel like I'm going crazy with pain I'm taking pain medication and antibiotics I hope it will leave me pain soon😭

  6. TYSM! I've been kinda scared to do the surgery but it seems well worth it.. I hide my smile and it's embarrassing to show my teeth. It says alot about a person and this helped me make up my mind tysvm!

  7. My friend has pain each day…she wish to hv implants…but the money…is her problem…is there a payment plan…from Trinidad….though..wish I could get a response….to help some one…

  8. I realize that a patient who chooses the implant supported prosthetic would be having their teeth cleaned twice a year (or more if necessary). I realize that normally the teeth cleaning is done without the prosthetic having to be removed. My questions are… How often (if ever) does the prosthetic have to be removed? Is there any rule of thumb? Or is the prosthetic only removed if there is a problem?

  9. Gosh I pray one day I'll be able to do this. I just lost all of my teeth because of my horrible health issues . My self esteem was bad before I lost them & now I'm bearly holding on. I am so ugly & afraid to leave the house. I only leave the house for medical appointments because my son is getting bullied because kids at school saw I had no teeth & now they are making fun of him for it. I'm so broken that my babies have to deal with that. I've never used drugs in my life but it don't matter that I lost my teeth to my autoimmune condition & having paradontal disease ontop of carryings staph in my mouth that made it's way to my lungs. People only see no teeth & jump to it must mean I'm a drug addict. I'm so devastated & what's worse is I'll never be able to afford to get implants when my only income is my SSI & $850 a month doesn't go far at all. Especially with 3 kids. I'm so ugly

  10. I’m about to have this done in 2wks and I’m VERY VERY excited for it. Finally I’ll be getting my smile back!
    I’ll check back in after it’s done for an update. Thx!

  11. Implants are expensive!

    My dentist tried to make a crown for a dead tooth, and decided that since I’d had one extracted years ago next to it that I’d be best served getting one extraction, and then two implants.

    He isn’t an oral surgeon so he recommended a friend, and said that once the implants were done come back for the crowns. I asked him how much it’d cost and he said, end to end, it’d be around $3,700… Crowns would be $875 per.

    The implants (with extraction) cost around $2,400 out of pocket. When I called him, 8 months later, the price shot up to $1,750 per tooth out of pocket! I felt lied to and trapped because I hadn’t budgeted for the additional $1,700.

    I found a new dentist, and each crown is going to cost $865… but jeeze what a racket

  12. I can only dream of having a nice smile.This lady’s teeth look so good compared to mine.I have so many missing and broken off I can only eat soft foods.If only I had the money but I don’t and Medicare doesn’t pay for anything.

  13. I’m scared.. I only have my front teeth left and my bottoms r fine but can’t chew anymore no mor chewing teeth..

    Can’t afford regular implants so looking into denture implants.. what are people’s thoughts?? Getting a quote today.. I’m scared

  14. Yes to have the money to have a nice set of teeth would be very nice I have 1 top tooth front chipped a top molar & 4 bottom front teeth for more than a decade.

@brushmi So much damage! #fyp #foryou #viral #foryoupage #usa #teethwhitening #…

Why do some people not get wisdom teeth?