Don't get dental implants before watching this!

Interview with Dr Bryan Hendriks on his experiences placing dental implant. Ever wonder why all-on-4 dental implants are so popular? Are you convinced it is a good choice to replace or make a denture replacement? Interview with Dr Hendriks on ABC 4.

He answers questions regarding who is a good candidate to receive dental implants.

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  1. People who,..never brush their teeth and don't look after them..and don't go to the dentist regularly, are asking for trouble….make this bad for the rest of us.who do care about our teeth.!!..

  2. This is just a commercial to push implants and they can't do them in 1 day I got dentures 5 yrs ago they work fine it just takes about 2 months to get used to them

  3. I think dental implants should be mandatory because it's a fact that they will outlive their teeth and no reason to do a temporary repair that can fail and cause more pain later.

  4. And how much is this procedure because I am 35 y/o female veteran and my teeth are in terrible shape I have periodontal disease and several missing teeth. I have major problems with eating and I have literally quit my job and try everything I can so I don't have to go outside in public because of my embarrassing teeth. I can barely eat anything but oatmeal and soup. I don't have the funds for implants. If you or anyone that reads this can help in any way I would appreciate it more than anything. I only have medicaid fidelis.

  5. Hey doc my concern is that my doctor told me that i do not have bone on lower side of teeth because my 4 teeth are missing from bottom and 2 from top side so they told me maybe your implant is not possible so what can i do ??

  6. The waman in the end had good teeth, she only needed one implant, not losing all of her teeth. No matter how good implants are real teeth is always better if it's possible.

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