Dr. Skordeles’ Solea® Story: Why She Chose the 9.3 µm CO2 Dental Laser for Her Midtown Practice

Some dental technologies are only suitable for specific practices. DynamicDental technologies can be found in almost every dental office. SoleaThis category includes, which is a truly dynamic laser technology for dentistry, as it can be used by general and specialist practitioners, regardless of their age, career stage, or goals.

Solea is the name of the South Carolina dentist who has just taken over the family practice; it is also for the dentist in sunny California who is fresh out of dental school and dreams of opening a modern practice near the Hollywood sign. Solea refers to the New York City dentist who believes that there is no better way to incorporate science and technology into dentistry.

Christine Skordeles (DDS): Meet one of the newest Solea Laser Dentists

Dr. Skordeles has Advanced Aesthetic Smiles of NYPrivate practice providing preventive and remedial care using minimally invasive biomimetic Dentistry. Dr. Skordeles is a scientist and researcher who instantly understood the type of practice she wanted to create and how she would treat her patients. In “How an All-Tissue Laser Changed the Life of My Practice,” the dental tech-enthusiast says, “The vision for my practice was clear: it would embrace leading clinical research and incorporate all of the wonderful technologies, we as twenty-first century dentists, are so fortunate to have in the palms of our hands.”

Dr. Skordeles received Solea technology at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in 2018. This was years after she began her practice.


Why Dr. Skordeles loves Solea. He believes that every dentist should have one.  

She has the all-tissue laser she dreams of

Its 9.3 µm wavelength is what makes Solea unique, propelling the CO2 laserIt is clinically superior to other on-the-market products. Thanks to the wavelength, Solea   provides highly precise cuttingAnd control in both hard tissue and soft tissue. It emits a powerful beam that vaporizes enamel, and nears the peak absorption level of hydroxyapatite. This is what makes the difference between SoleaLasers that simply chip away at the hard tissue.

The article, Dr. Skordeles shares her opinion on the distinct feature, saying, “[Solea]Prepares teeth enamel and dentin to a precision of 20 percent of one micron, which is 200 nanometers. This is a game changer. What previous instrument do we have with the precision of 200 nm?”


Remove anesthesia from the dental equation

Everything changes when dentistry can be done virtually anesthesia-free. The time it takes to perform a procedure is reduced by a significant amount, the process is completed faster, and there are no roadblocks to anesthesia. Imagine a scenario in which you just have to greet your patients and get going. Solea makes this possible. Solea eliminates the need to spend time relaxing patients, injecting (and potentially reinjecting) anesthesia, and waiting for it to kick in. You also don’t have to limit your work or schedule second and third appointments, as Solea lets you perform multiquadrant dentistry.

Dr. Skordeles feels like she is performing truly minimally invasive dentistry for the first time, and can’t say enough about how the anesthesia-free experience has changed her practice. Because of this feature alone, she reveals, “I predict Solea will be part of every operatory within ten years.”


Giving patients the experience and care they deserve

A simplified workflow, shorter work days, and improved case outcomes are all benefits for dentists when it comes down to the dental experience. However, patients are also provided with a brand new, anxiety-free experience that no longer includes some of the most well-known dental “triggers.” These triggers are fear and anxiety of the needle, awkward discomfort from being numbed, and lengthy recovery times. Solea makes it easy to make dental appointments. anesthesia-, blood-, and pain-freePatients can recover much quicker from surgery.

Dr. Skordeles feels Solea has made a profound impact on her practice, and so do her patients—both those who have been with her for years and new referrals. She says, “[Patients]You want to be able to go in and receive treatment then get back to work. Solea makes this possible because, without anesthesia, there is no unnecessary time spent in the chair, no numbness, and no pain… Patient experience before versus now with Solea: there is no comparison.”

Convergent DentalIt was so exciting to welcome Dr. Skordeles as well as other distinguished guests grateful practitionersWe are proud to be a part of the Solea family and would love for you to join us! Read Dr. Skordeles’ complete Solea story and don’t forget to reach out and ask how you can add the “miracle,” (as Dr. Skordeles calls it) laser to your practice.

Dr. Skordeles’ Solea® Story: Why She Chose the 9.3 µm CO2 Dental Laser for Her Midtown Practice

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