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How the Solea All Tissue Laser Fits in

By Timothy Anderson, DDS | Missouri River Dental


I decided to start a dental office from scratch a few years ago. There were many hurdles and difficulties, especially when I was doing my own hygiene for one year. But it had its benefits. One was the freedom and ability to create an exclusive culture around my vision and mission.

When I first started to look at patients, I was interested in their reasons for visiting the dentist. What is their motivation? What are they passionate about? We soon found out that technology allowed us to address a lot of my patients’ main concerns.

Our goal was to make our office more technology-driven and improve patient care. My practice currently has almost every type of dental technology, including 3D printers, CAD/CAM software and milling machines, as well as an office 3D imaging cone beam. My practice’s most important moment was the introduction of the Solea All-Tissue Laser. This technology has had the greatest impact on my patients.

SoleaIt allows most cavity preps to be performed without anesthesia, which makes them more comfortable for patients. Solea allows soft tissue procedures to be performed without the use of sutures and blood, with minimal discomfort afterward and remarkable speedy healing.

Solea All-Tissue Laser Practice


Solea Technology Helps Exceed Patient Expectations

Solea is my vision of providing the best service for patients. My patients were reluctant to see me again when I began to look at the reasons. A lot of it was due to fear of needles, fear of being numb and having to spend too much time away work to schedule multiple appointments. We started looking at how we could address that, and in dentistry, there really wasn’t anything that could truly remedy this fear until I was introduced to Solea.

I was convinced by the idea of anesthesia-free dentistry. Like many others, it was hard for me to accept that Solea could do this. I used to joke with myself and say, “You know, what if I could implement a piece of technology that allows me to do 50% of my fillings anesthetic-free? It would be stunning. It would pay for itself!” I didn’t know Solea allowed me to do more than half of my cavity-preps. It allows me to perform the majority of my cavities-preps without any anesthesia..


Although my patients like the anesthetic-free treatments, the true value I see is that the Solea Laser equips me to do so many more procedures that I wasn’t doing before. When it came to soft tissue surgeries, I just wasn’t doing enough of them. This groundbreaking technology made it easier for me to say yes! Solea enabled me to implement crown lengthening and gingiva reduction, frenectomies, and many other treatments.

My multiple treatment options make it possible to retain AND attract new patients. I also recommend procedures they might not have considered.


My patients are awestruck. Rarely can you do a procedure like fillings where the patient is excited about it. It’s gotten to the point where this type of positive patient feedback has become part of who we are and what we represent.

There are many times in dentistry that the opportunity to exceed patient expectations is there, but without the right tools and technology, it’s close to impossible to achieve. Solea changed the way clinicians and patients see dentistry. Once patients start communicating the features and benefits of Solea to their friends and family, it spreads like wildfire, and there’s nothing better than receiving internal referrals.

Patients appreciate technology as much we do, and Solea is one that I cannot recommend highly enough.


Exceeding Dental Patient Expectations | Convergent Dental

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