getting dental implants | part 1: anxiety, cost & consultation

It’s time to face my fear and get dental implants. This is to restore my 15+ year-old missing teeth. Part 1 will show you what my anxiety about dental care looked like when I first found out. It will also include the consultation and how it will cost. (I’m now out of pocket and I’m grateful I had the extra sponsors in April LOL).

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Part 2 will be about my second procedure, which involves a bone graft and an extraction. It also covers the healing and recovery process.
Part 3 will include the recovery of my implant bodies and crown installation.

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  1. I’m going thru the same thing. I’m crying because I’m so grateful for the inspiring words. These no point of stressing about something that needs to be done days or months from now. But anxiety is real. Thank you

  2. Did you use care credit 💳 to pay for these procedures? I have to do an implant on my left bottom jaw and I was thinking about using my credit card but I only have $2400 credit line, so I was thinking about using care credit. That way I can use my credit to work on my teeth and make monthly payments.

  3. I qm right therebwith you. I had a front bottom tooth that a root cacal in it many many years. The tooth died and fell out June 20th. The tooth fell out but the root stayed which the oral surgeon will have to extract. Then the implant. I cant get in for my consult until September 15th. I only need the one. They made me a flipper which my dentist will put in this wednesday. Just like you i am scared stiff. I definitely have dental anxiety. I will be following your journey for sure.

  4. Before finishing this video, I've decided to comment on the inspiration you've been in my life. On multiple levels, may I say.
    But on your video about your insecurities over your teeth… I literally broke down crying and couldn't finish the video until an hour later when I got a little better. I got a panic attack, I'm not gonna lie… It wasn't pretty at all. But then I scheduled an appointment with a new dentist using your advice to do so. She's the daughter of one of my students, and she agreed to talk to me on the phone before the first appointment so I could explain why I was so afraid, and that we could come up with some strategies to make it easier. One thing she did without me asking is to make the appointment half an hour longer so she wouldn't rush, which I really appreciate. In two hours I'll be going to this appointment and set a plan with her to start my journey. My mom is going with me, even though I'm in my late 20s, she promised to hold my hand if I get nervous. We're going to try to schedule all future appointments in days she could go with me to support me through the process.
    I couldn't have done this without you. Up untill I watched that video, I haven't realized that the reason why I was postponing my dental care was out of fear. I lost two teeth, one tooth has been hurting like hell since I had my wisdom tooth extracted (the reason why I didn't get the last one extracted btw). My teeth are so yellow because of my caffeine addiction. And also, I had an ED, which led me to have my teeth clearly messed up. Put that on the "I've had depression and neglect my teeth" and sprinkle with some bruxism and boom, you've got a recipe for disaster. But today I'm less terrified than I thought I'd be (slept for 2 hours only but still). I'm ok because I choose to be. Yes, I didn't sleep well because anxiety is a beeeech, but there's no way having another panic attack now is going to help me later. I'll probably cry during my appointment. But that's ok! This dentist has been so understanding with me that I have hopes that this one is the one who's not gonna judge me.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, their waiting a month to fix my tooth. They gave me antibiotics though if it starts hurting. I’m still scared of dying or something. I hate health anxiety

  6. Thank you for this video. It made me feel so much less alone and "ridiculous". The beginning of your video is exactly how I feel every time I have to go. I'm searching right now because I have an appointment today. Each appointment brings so much anxiety and dread with it. I'm trying to focus on the fact that I am also working on fixing my smile after being brave enough to get all of my cavities fixed from year of not going to the dentist out of fear.

  7. why cry its just implant you ain't gonna die i got my tooth extracted at 15 and getting implants 20 , 2 at once i was,t afraid even my anesthesia was wearing off after the 1st implant and i was in semianesthatic stage during 2nd implant .

  8. Maybe I am going though similar situation with you and is so frustrating… I am in my 20s and I just got root canel and crown done and after 4 months I am told bone loss is happening on that tooth with infection going on, yes, waste of money. And so now have to pull that tooth out and do an implant. Your videos just helped me sooo much emotionally and also very informative. Thank you so so much 😭❤

  9. Oh good lord 😑 I have to have 4 teeth extracted and plan on 2 implants, I have avoided a dentist for 10 years due to dental anxiety a d I am SCARED TO DEATH of all of it, the extraction, the implants so that ks for your video.. I am so terrified 😨

  10. God i cancel my apoitment last yrs.but this yrs i need to go .i need surgery to my tooth ( 2) & 1 for cover up i don't know the name.maybe next week's i hope i can .look fery painful .also expensive for impplant

  11. I went to the dentist today and I need an extraction and they said I need an implant too in that spot. $4500 for the implant is just way too much money.

    I have decided that I'm gonna go to Molar City Mexico for the implant since it will like 70% less cost.

  12. My dear, I’m a mother of a son that was born missing a front tooth. He needs a implant and told me yesterday the bone graft may or may not work. I’m staying hopeful…💕 I appreciate this video.

  13. last year i watched this, feeling for you so hard and not knowing i would have to go thru the same thing a year later…so now i am here again rewatching before i get my 4 wisdom teeth out & an implant to replace a broken tooth…🥺

  14. I don’t trust dentists. They want to screw up my tooth’s. One dentist told me I have 7 tooth that need felling and another dentists said 9 tooth. Who do I trust? I also have one tooth root canal done in the past. Recently dentist extracted the tooth now it need dental implant. I learned not to always listen to dentists, and learned to deal with little tooth pain or dentists will make hole on every single tooth’s then will ask me do to root Canal then extract and then implant etc. Use water peak to floss and brush tooth every time enter in bath room. Also do string floss at least two times a week. Nowadays I end up brushing tooth about 5 times a day. Remove tartar etc. Yes, dentists are there to take your money.
    What options we have if dental implants goes bad?
    Peace ✌️

  15. 15 grand is insane. if both of those teeth youre replacing are in the same jaw and if your other teeth were or are about to fail its almost cheaper for you to get an all on four upper or lower

  16. fyi for anyone who cannot afford a regular dentist and lives in a city with a university that has a dental school….the rates are substantially cheaper making dental work much more attainable!

@therealcrrytal The fact that I have no recollection of this #wisdomteethremoval…

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