How does an implant work? Osseointegration of dental implants ©

Osseointegration dental implants. How does an Implant work?

3D video of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( about the osseointegration of dental implants.

The bone architecture is perforated by a bur. The bone defect is quickly filled with blood because of the damage to blood vessels. In the bone, a titanium implant is inserted. The only thing that holds the implant in place at this time is primary stability or mechanic friction.

The healing process begins when blood begins to flow into the affected area. Loons and proteins start to adhere to the implant’s surface. The platelets, which attach to the blood vessel damaged, stop the bleedings quickly. Different substances can be released by platelets to promote cell division. The clot fills in the wound, creating a provisional matrix which also sticks to the implant. The wound is cleaned by immune cells within the first hour. The platelets release substances that increase vascular permeability. This allows leukocytes to pass through spaces made by endothelial cell walls. The area is populated by macrophages and leukocytes that destroy bacteria and release digestive enzymes. This is when the wound can either heal as normal or become infected. In this case, it can lead to implant failure.

Fibroblast can migrate into wounds for days after surgery. Extracellular matrix is protected and stabilized by components such as collagen, which are synthesized. Perivascular cells, which are similar to stem cells, migrate to other regions and form new blood vessels. This helps promote tissue healing. The 7th day osteoclasts attach to the remaining bone, resorbing and creating room for new bone formation. However, this will initially decrease the implant stability. Implant surface also attracts perivascular cells, which will allow them to differentiate into new osteoblasts. They form a matrix which will mineralize with calcium phosphate. The implant surface begins to develop primary bone within the first week. This encourages secondary implant stability and stops it from remodeling within a few months.

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