How is an immediate dental implant surgery done? #implants

How is a dental implants surgery performed?

Vídeo of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( about a surgical procedure for placing a dental implant at the moment of tooth extraction.

The immediate dental implant is fitted right after removing one or more teeth. However, this does not necessarily mean that the implants and teeth will be fitted simultaneously. The dental implant can be fitted as soon as the tooth has been extracted if there is any problem. This saves time.

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  1. I had two congenitally missing adult teeth, the premolar and molar next to each other on the right of my lower jaw. Was thrilled to get the baby teeth out at 26 and actually be able to chew on that side!

  2. Got this done yesteday. Totally painless. Didnt feel anything during the procedure just a bit of pressure. And then after the surgery I honestly just slept it off. Woke up the next morning and i honestly dont feel anything. I was given pain medication I took it for the first time this morning just cause. Still no pain at all.

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