How Much are Mini Dental Implants?

We talk to Dr. Andrea Joy Smith regarding the price of mini dental implant.

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  1. I watched a video where a dentist let the camera run without editing. He installed 8 mini-implants in an hour. Alibaba had Titanium mini-implants for less that $10. Lets be generous… $300 for consult and planning, $700 for his "hour", $100 each for implants(Though full size implant kits are advertised for $95) We are at $1800 for 8 mini's….
    Can someone show me how much more than that isn't THEFT?

  2. Perfect, I'm going to loose 4 teeth on Thursday due to a cyst in my jaw. I hope this mini implants is an option for me but I need to hope for my bone to grow back

  3. can you give us a ball park? average per tooth? average for one plate? no one is looking for exact figures. we know everyone is different but come on there must be some kind of range you can give? you said nothing.. nothing about cost. half of a regular implant.. which is ??? HOW MUCH?

  4. If they're about half the cost of normal implants, then maybe, (pigs might fly with the government we have now) they'll be available on the NHS in the UK, so that everyday people can afford them!
    They're still way out of the price bracket for many here!

  5. upper plate only($13900.00)Aspen Dental, was the price quoted to me. I went home got my grinder out took out the pallet, they wear find with good denture powder, no gaging! took the money bought a nice jeep!

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