How Much Do Dental Implant's Cost | An In Depth Look Dental Boutique

Dental Boutique has many options available for replacing missing teeth. Implants are an essential part of the process. Knowing the cost involved will help you make an informed decision about your path to a beautiful smile. Reuben walks you through this detailed look. Click here to learn more

These three options could be suitable for you if your missing teeth are single or multiple. This video by Reuben discusses options for replacing missing teeth.

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Here’s a recap of this video:
00:00 What Does a Dental Implant Cost?
00:19 Understanding the Difference in Cost
01:05 Are You Sufficient Bone for the Implant?
02:13 Procedure for Placing the Implants
02:49 Key Hole Surgery
04:35 Immediate Crown Placement
05.51 What is the Cost?

Dental Boutique is a practice that specializes in cosmetic dentistry, complete teeth replacements and treating anxious patients. We empower and inspire people to conquer their fears and achieve the smile and dental health they desire.

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Every procedure, whether medical or dental, is not without risk. A second opinion from a competent health practitioner is recommended before you proceed.

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  1. Dr Reuben, I have a question which I find nobody speaks or ask about. For people who have gradual loss of bone and recession of gum due to periodontal disease, is it possible that their mouth area becomes kind of sunken and therefore possibly causing more pronounced nasolabial folds? And can teeth implants possibly help with reversing this issue? Thanks.

  2. @dental boutique…The ballpark is just fine- id rather have a ball park price than nothing. It's very frustrating to have to ask every single time. Some places charge $3k to $10k. It's nice to know what we're looking at. anyway thank you because whether it varies or not this is informative

  3. FINALLY. An informative channel that I can appreciate. I have been trying to do research for years to get unbias information from someone that will provide clear details and accuracy. I am at a stage in my life where the time has come for me to get a full mouth. Very unfortunate but it's mandatory. Having been raised in foster care, medical and dental care was the opposite of what one would think when being a ward of the state. I fell out of a treehouse when I was a little girl and that is really where it all began. As I reached adult age, I took myself to get started and began with having an implant placed. It was placed incorrectly so began shifting through my gums. Now, I cannot even walk into a dentist office without losing it emotionally. I am a single mother and could not imagine not staying on my kids about their teeth. My daughter is a senior in high school this year and she said something to me recently that hit hard. She looked and me and said "Mom, it's your turn to make your teeth pretty." Such a loving soul. We have been through braces, retainers and so on. I refuse to let the dental care go.

    If you are a parent and you are reading this, take your children to the dentist religiously. If not, they'll suffer in their adult years as I am. My mouth dictates my life and because of my teeth I have limitations. It's sad really but it is my reality. I will be 40 next year and want nothing more than to find an incredible dental professional that can help me get my life back.

    Thank you for what you are bringing to this community, you are appreciated.

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