How urgently do I need to treat this cavity?

I’m unable to take photos because I am at work, so I apologize for that.

Currently dealing with a hole in one of my molars about 3mm wide, and deep enough to hold food and even a raw spaghetti noodle (yes, I sometimes eat raw spaghetti noodles, don’t judge. Because the noodle was protruding from the hole in my tooth, I added it.

I’m currently feeling a slight tingling and numbness in both my jaws and teeth. This could be due to me poking at it during work. I’m not super bothered by the feeling.

Since before the pandemic, I’ve not been to the dentist. My molar has been stained brown since I was 13. (Currently, I am 25). The dentists that I saw told me that it was just a stain.

There’s a 24 hour emergency dentist a bit of a ways away from me, but I won’t have a ride back. I could also make an appointment tomorrow or schedule a regular appointment for later this week.

I know this problem must be fixed. I just need some help determining how urgent it is. Many thanks!

Edit: I vape at least once per week.

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