Innovative Dental Technology Increases Efficiency & Production in Your Practice


Michael T. Kelly DMD of Aesthetic Dentistry of ScottsdaleHe is dedicated to excellence in dentistry and works to share his knowledge with others. His team and he successfully use innovative dental technology to increase production and efficiency throughout the practice, and improve the patient experience.


Dr. Kelly is passionately involved in the advancement of dentistry. Kelly is an instructor at Aesthetic Vision Seminars. He has also taught for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Carestream Dental, as well as the Central Florida Academy of General Dentistry. Kelly is always up-to-date on the latest developments in dentistry technology. He previously used a 10.6 micron CO2 Laser for soft tissue procedures. He was excited to learn that a 9.3-micron CO2 laser could be used to cut soft tissue. Hard tissue was what he needed to look into.

“I am constantly trying to be a better dentist and part of that journey is knowing what dental technologies have the power to move the needle at my practice. After one look at Convergent Dental’s Solea All-Tissue Laser – I was sold.”

Dr. Kelly’s practice was full so improving efficiency was his main priority when investing in Solea. Solea would eliminate many of the barriers that had impeded his progress. He no longer had to calm patients, inject the anesthesia, wait until it took effect and schedule more visits for multi-quadrant Dentistry. Solea allows Dr. Kelly to simply meet the patient and get started. 

Although he was eager to get in the water, he was not sure how he would incorporate a hard tissue laser into his practice. During his one-day intensive training session, all of his questions were answered.

“Convergent Dental’s training program had me and my team comfortable with Solea almost immediately. We were well prepared to use the gold-standard of dental lasers the very next day.”


Dr. Kelly loves the days when he can no longer numb patients. Solea allows him to perform almost all anesthesia-free and non-blood-related procedures. He can perform multiple procedures in one visit, treats patients within the same day if they discover cavities during hygiene checks, and does more soft tissues work than ever. This has dramatically increased efficiency and productivity.

“Solea is never left down the hall – it is ready to be used for every patient I see,” said Dr. Kelly. “Chair-time is routinely half of what it used to be before introducing Solea to my practice.”

The improved patient experience at Solea led to a significant increase in new patient visits. Social media engagement increased by 150 percent, and new patient visits rose 50 percent. These numbers are unprecedented in Dr. Kelly’s experience and he is confident they will continue to grow as more patients experience Solea.


Innovative Dental Technology Increases Efficiency & Production in Your Practice

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