Is a cavity that isn’t visible from the outside and on an x-ray possible?


Just got home from a dentist appointment to fix one tooth (which was a trial and error already but I digress) and the dentist looked at another tooth and said it “looks suspicious”. It doesn’t hurt or is sensitive at all.

She looked and poked at it and everything and said there isn’t a cavity that she can see, but there could be one forming. She decided to do an x-ray and when it came back she said she couldn’t see anything, but that sometimes not everything shows up on x-rays. (I don’t have the photo myself, so I can’t post it here unfortunately)

So my question is – are cavities that you can’t feel or see in any way a possibility? Cause she told me to sign up to get it fixed as soon as possible, because “there could be something bigger there that looks small from the outside and we don’t want it to get to the nerve”. Do I need to get another opinion from a different dentist?

I’m asking here cause I’ve had some not so great experiences at this dentist office recently and not sure if I want to trust them again without at least asking for more opinions.

We appreciate your kind words!

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