Millions reported problems with dental implants

Arizona’s Family Investigators investigated the cost of dental implants, and found that millions of problems were not reported.

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  1. For the people without problems with their implants, congrats for being part of the small percentage without issues but the facts are the facts. The FDA's own information shows that dental implants have the most adverse events of ANY medical device in HISTORY!!! The failure rate is 88%!!! Just because you're part of the 12% without problems does not change the fact that 88% of implants FAIL and cause harm!!

  2. Medical field among many, FDA associations, maximize on word play and doublespeak to capitalize the consumer mindsets. Be careful folks healthcare's real name is SICKcare….think about it, then think about again, and then respond (not react).

  3. people who graduate from dental school and almost immediately start their own practice are in so much debt that they try to do this to almost everybody who walks through their door . Dentists dont even have to do internships to get much needed experience like other doctors do . most dentists are very very dishonest people so its very hard to find a honest dentist , maybe ten percent of dentists are honest .

  4. makes sense that there are not any dentists found in the comments section for this video . dentists have one of the highest suicide rates i hear . a guilty conscience can be devastating !

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  6. Damn i hope she will be okay! I dont know too much about implants and just now looking into it, but it did seem strange to me that there wasnt anything that could be done to help or reverse it. Like aplan be or something. But yeah, still have reading to do. And I know people who have implants and haven't had any problems so a big contributing factor is how well adversed and competent a dentist is, also having good health is too. But when we go to the dentist for aaaanything lets make sure we go to reputable ones that know what they're doing and not making it about money. Oh and obviously taking care of our teeth! Cheers everyone!

  7. In general, one in twenty of the people who got all their teeth pulled for implants end up without any functioning implants. Like I did!!! I was told I didn't understand modern dentistry and needed it immediately.

  8. I just had two dental implant crowns attached last week, and so far… They feel amazing! I’m able to chew on both sides of my mouth again, and my jawbone feels fantastic.

    I visited an oral surgeon for my two extractions and implants, and then finished with the abutments and crowns at a local dentist. The process, end to end, took about 11 months.

    There are dentists and oral surgeons who are bad at their job… And sometimes complications do happen… But, don’t be deterred just because sometimes something happens. I’d say, do your research… Don’t look for a cheap option… And make a choice you’re comfortable with.

    I hope that woman is doing well, seems like a terrible experience.

  9. Stay away from mini implants and ALL Mini Dental Implant Centers of America and any products supplied by Shatkin First. They use deceptive advertising and sales tactics promising "Teeth in a day". Seven months and six implant failures later and I still don't have what I paid almost $20k for!

  10. I believe dentists are an unnecessary evil
    God gave us teeth to last a lifetime if we take care of them
    Not all but several mash many ppls teeth up for money
    Sure everyone has a horror story🦷💵🤑

    Are you aware meridian grid is the God given system of our creator regarding our teeth.. Each tooth is connected to a vital organ 😬😰😥
    Hope your seeing what i see

  11. I love all you brave people. Your stories give me hope as I'm on the same boat as many of you. I was always told my teeth were crooked which they were but once they started getting worked on things got worse, costs got high and unfortunate decisions are made. We're human, we're not perfect unfortunately Hollywood and the medical field are in cahoots with one another.

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Dentists seem to be at Lower risk to COVID 19 as compared to General Public