Mini Dental Implants…Are They Right For you?

Find out why mini dental implants are becoming more popular to improve your smile.

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  1. The bad news is that minis have a much higher failure rate than conventional implants. My first experience with minis was bad. The first first mini I had placed was declared a failure only 4 weeks after placement on the basis of X-rays that indicated bone separation from the implant.

  2. i pray for a way to afford implants of anr disabled and have no money for implants and bottom dentures will not stay put at all. denture glue has done nothing for me. iwould love to hear how people got their dentures to stay put.i lost my teeth due to a injury at work at the post office and received no compensation for that accident.dear Raven i sure pray for you to get help and relief. there has to be a problem that has not been addressed.han in there girl it has to get better.

@ninalina2001 this was definitely worth it shoutout tik tok for making me reali…

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