My Solea Dental Laser Transformation

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Every doctor who invests into a Solea dental laserA transformation is a process. Each transformation is unique, but all share common threads that bind us. My transformation started earlier than others.

15 years ago I made the decision to become a laser dentist. I started out with a small tabletop soft tissue laser. Although it was a fiber tip and could cause tissue to be charred, the cost was $6,000-7,000. I felt that it was providing what I needed. I then bought a DEKA laser which is a 10.6-micron CO2 laser that cuts only soft tissue. It was amazing how precise and clean it was. However, I still needed something to cut hard tissue. That’s when I entered the erbium world, which just left me more frustrated than happy. I couldn’t get it to cut hard tissue fast enough, so it was abandoned. Instead, I used the high-speed handpiece to numb my patients.

Then, I met Solea at Academy of Laser Dentistry’s annual meeting. It was amazing how easy it was to use the laser. clean, precise, and accurate it was in cutting hard tissueAlthough I felt burned from my investment in erbium, it was a good thing that I had the opportunity to do so. Although I was intrigued by Solea and wanted to invest, it took me almost a whole year to make the decision. Finally, Solea was brought into my office. This was almost four years ago. I use both my Model 2 Solea and Model 3 Solea every day as a single practitioner.

Solea’s success actually begins with soft tissue. Even though I had my Erbium Laser, certain procedures were still not possible for me. Solea provided access to many other options. soft tissue surgeriesIt’s something I wouldn’t have thought of. One example is infant frenectomies. I would not have ever worked with a newborn before Solea.

I’m doing gingivectomies, extending teeth to make them look longer in the anterior maxillary quadrant, and removing fibromas. These procedures can be done without the use of anesthesia or shot in 93% of cases. The same goes for hard tissue procedures.

My soft tissue procedures are now being referred to me by other general dentists, rather than going to a periodontist. When you take blood out of the equation, you can see what you’re doing. Patients can leave your office with no gauze, no sutures and they’re so happy about that they tell their friends.

Next comes patient flow. My patients get an incredible experience, whether it’s not needing anesthesia; saving a tooth instead of pulling it; keeping that patient in my office and not having to refer out; or doing an infant frenectomy on a two-day old. This patient experience is my advertising.

Patients quickly began to tell their families and friends about their appointments. This resulted in more new patients. I was able to increase my efficiency due to increased patient flow. This technology is reliable and predictable, which resulted in better clinical outcomes. These outcomes also fueled new patient referrals.

My first year with Solea saw a 30% increase in new patient flow. Marketing was not used and I received $0 in marketing. I saw my monthly revenue rise, and was able to drop four to five PPOs over the past four years to go fee-for-service. I can now practice dentistry as I believe my patients deserve it and get paid for that.

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After seven months of using Solea, I re-branded my practice from “Optimal Health Dental” to “Omaha Laser Dentistry.” Word had gotten out, and I reached my goal. I’m now known as the laser doc in my community.

This year, I also added Solea Sleep,Another excellent Solea application that I use to enhance patient experience is the one that Solea provides for my practice. By just starting the snoring conversation, I’ve uncovered so many patients and partners that I can help get a better night’s sleep. Our efforts are making a difference in people’s lives.

My Solea dental laser transformation wasn’t something minor. It was a combination of my skills and my knowledge. However, when you have something such as Solea that makes your practice stand out and that you truly love, it propels your practice forward.

Solea transformation will be unique for each clinician. It will however always involve new procedures, better clinical outcomes, increased patient flow, efficiency, and new patient flow.


My Solea Dental Laser Transformation

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