Post op wisdom tooth complication

I don’t drink or smoke
My extraction was performed on June 2. I thought I could eat bacon on Friday 17th June, 15 days after my procedure. I have no clotting agents to stop the puncture from bleeding. I was unable to go to the dentist because of it so I went to a walk-in clinic. I was given antibodies to help me through Monday, when the clinic will open. I don’t have intense pain just discomfort so I’m assuming when the gum was punctured it didn’t expose bone but rather a fibrin layer where the blood clot from the surgery used to be (I may be horrendously wrong). I got strep between Friday and Monday morning. I have a hole in my gum that thankfully isn’t too painful but very swollen lymph nodes (which are causing more pain than the hole) and white spots at the back of my throat. My strep will I get turned down? I know that under normal circumstances yes, but this hole in the mouth thing has me incredibly worried as I don’t want a bone infection. What can I do? I’m also uninsured and am scared of the cost.

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Can somebody help, im worried what this could be. It’s inside my cheek, between my teeth.. I’m worried it could be a wart or is it friction?