Researchers use Nanobots to eliminate bacteria in root canals – Nano Dentistry

Root Canal Treatments are performed daily in millions around the globe. To save infected teeth, it is essential to ensure Root Canal Treatment is successful in clearing out the bacteria. The current disinfection protocol involves mechanical preparation, chemical treatment, including the use of chemicals such Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen Peroxide as well lasers and ultrasonic devices. These chemicals will not penetrate the dentinal tubes, accessory canals, or other areas necessary for disinfection. This is where Nanobots have come into action in eliminating Bacteria in Root Canals which is being termed as – “Nano Dentistry

American association of endodontics reports that more than 25 million root canals have been performed annually. Over 90% of those root canals succeed, while 10% of failed root canal treatments are due to insufficient decontamination.

The tubules in the dentin are extremely small and bacteria lives deep within the tissue. The correct techniques aren’t efficient enough to reach the inside of the bacteria and kill it. To address these treatment failures, researchers from the “Indian institute of science and nano robotics” company “Theranautilus”  have demonstrated that nano sized robots (nanobots) can effectively kill bacteria in the dentinal tubules.

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What is the role of Dental Nanobots in Root Canal Treatments? 

Dental Nanobots heat their surfaces and kill the bacteria they come into contact with. The Nanobots disinfect the canals using heat, without the use of chemicals.

According to these findings, nanobots can penetrate dentinal tubules up to 2000um. This results in a remarkable improvement in penetration depth. Researchers believe that using heat to kill bacteria is safer than using antibiotics or harsh chemicals to disinfect a root canal.

The nanobots are injected into the extracted teeth samples. They are then inserted deep within the dentinal tubules, under the control device that generates low intensity magnetic fields. The researches were able manipulate the magnetic field to make the nanobots generate heat that kills bacteria.

Researchers are working on a medical device that is easy to place inside the mouth of patients and allows the dentist to manipulate the nanobots within the teeth during root canal therapy.

Nanobots or magnetically controlled nanoparticles can be used to move and trap objects using light. These particles pass through blood and are more likely to stick to cancer cells. Theranautilus researchers have tested the dental nanoparticles in mice and concluded that they are safe to use in biological tissue.

The study, titled “Mobile nanobots for prevention of root canal treatment failure”, was published online on 28 April 2022 in Advanced Healthcare Materials, ahead of inclusion in an issue.

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Researchers use nanobots to eliminate bacteria in Root canals – Dental Tribune

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Researchers use Nanobots to eliminate bacteria in root canals – Nano Dentistry

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