Scared For Parent To Get Implants

So, 1, I’m in my early thirties. There’s that.

Since about one year, my mom has lived without any teeth on her upper jaw. Her gums were too receded from years of not having her teeth in her back and then having to have the front removed. There wasn’t much for the denture to grip, and so she’s been hiding behind her face mask for a long time.

She recently found a dentist she’s comfortable with. She has terrible credit and a bit of a financial mess, but with their help, she’s been approved for a loan with an outrageous interest rate. At this point, it’s mostly worth it for her to take even this bad rate loan so that she can have a life again, but I am really nervous now.

She’s sort of desperate and I feel like that’s when bad things happen to a person. This dr has 5 star reviews and the practice has all 5s through over 100 reviews, but I’m scared something bad will happen to her. Maybe he’s not a great dentist. He might just seem great because she has to have this done. Next, I researched if implants can cause death. There are a few cases. There is a higher risk of stroke or heart attack following surgery.

She used to smoke. It was four years ago that she quit smoking. She’s a bit overweight but otherwise okay. In her sixties. Am I being ridiculous? What’s the likelihood of serious issue from this and are there steps to take then and now to prevent anything bad?

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