So sorry for the gross pic my teeth arent that yellow its the lighting. What is this? doesn’t hurt anymore. Kinda freaking out. 1st pic is tonight 2nd pic was about a week or so ago when it was sore. 25f non drinker. was smoking weed for about a month but stopped this week.

Sorry for the horrible pic, my teeth aren’t yellowing from the lighting. What is it? it doesn’t hurt anymore. Kinda freaking out. The 1st pic is from tonight. The 2nd pic was taken about a week ago, when it was painful. 25f non drinker. I smoked weed for approximately a month, but gave up this week.

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19M dentist said I haven’t needed my wisdom teeth out since I was 17 went to a cleaning recently and noticed this on gums behind my wisdom teeth does it look concerning?

@drzmackie Things your Dentist can see #dentist #nowyouknow #braces #weirdthin…