Sudden bottom lip numbness. Emergency?

Good morning! We appreciate you reading. I spent hours searching online for information that would tell me if this should be treated as an emergency.

Since a few days I’ve experienced tooth pain in my lower, right-hand side wisdom tooth. Ibuprofen has been helping with the inflammation and pain.

But, my right side has become numb since last night at 8 p.m. AEST. It’s almost as if my right side of the bottom lip is numb. My lips feel cold and numb. It hasn’t stopped. It has actually gotten worse since last night, when I went back to sleep. From precious X-rays, I can see that the wisdom tooth on this side was very close at the root. It’s possible that it has decided to move and is now sitting on the nerve.?

Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience. You don’t need to freak out.

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