The Solea® Steps to Building a Successful Dental Practice and Attracting New Patients

Each practice can be turned into a successful business. You just need to take the right steps. Increased efficiency is the key to success. This will make a difference for your patients and you. You can achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes. Your day is more productive and you get to care for your patients.

You may be thinking, “How do I become efficient – where do I begin?” and we are here to tell you that increased efficiency starts with Solea. Once you have integrated the 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue dental laserFollow these steps to build a successful practice and a growing patient base.

Step one: Perform reliably anesthesia-free dentistry—This is the game-changer

Thanks to the advanced scienceSolea ensures that anesthesia-free dentistry is possible. This clinical feature is especially mind-blowing for practitioners because once they experience it firsthand, they can’t imagine their day-to-day without Solea.

Even if you have been anesthesizing patients for years and performing traditional dentistry, you might not know the benefits of anesthesia-free treatment. Consider the time it takes to prepare patients. It can take several minutes to calm patients down. You then have to wait for anesthesia to kick in. Then, wait for the anesthesia to set in.

With the anesthesia and its inefficient process eliminated, you no longer have time to lose—only time to gain. You can now see more patients per day, and have more one-on-one interaction with them. This will allow you to show that you care and focus on the most important things. This will increase your credibility as a physician and help to build your brand. Solea dentistPatients trust them and feel at ease.

Dr. Christine Skordeles of Solea was so affected by the removal of anesthesia that she wrote this article. “How an All-Tissue Laser Changed the Life of My Practice.”She discusses in it how anesthesia is now playing a minimal role in hard-tissue procedures such as crown preps and fillings. Previously, this required an injection every single time. She also shared one of her personal stories. anesthesia-free cases to demonstrate why Solea is perfect for patients who can’t be anesthetized due to medical reasons.

Step 2: Perform hard-tissue or soft-tissue procedures with more efficiency

Solea will allow you to do different types of procedures with greater efficiency, regardless of how complicated they may be. Solea will not only enhance your work, but it will also make it possible to perform most procedures in-house. Instead of turning down cases or ignoring problems, Solea will allow you to perform soft-tissue surgery, which is more lucrative. crown lengthenings, frenectomies, gingivectomiesAnd aphthous ulcers yourself. You will be amazed at how fast your practice expands and how many patients you can accommodate with new capabilities and revenue streams.

Dr. Daniel Haghighi realized the value of Solea integration after he had it integrated. His experience has been enhanced by Solea’s efficiency, and his patients have more freedom. repair of an osseous defect on a #5 implant case shows exactly why Solea is the industry’s #1 selling all-tissue laser.

This is the type caseReferring out is a popular choice for many doctors. It’s not always cost-effective or time-efficient. For example, it takes considerable time to scrub the implant with gauze and then clean the area with curettes. Solea does not require you to do this. Dr. Haghighi was able to quickly and accurately cut the tissue with Solea. The procedure was also minimally invasive. He was happy with the results and the patient expressed gratitude for a quick recovery.

Attracting new patients to your practice and keeping those you already have loyal

These advantages include anesthesia-free dentistry, simpler procedures and increased patient flow. These benefits can also improve how you work. patientsHow you feel about your practice and yourself. Solea allows you to bring in new patients or retain existing patients.

New patients are seeing you because they didn’t like the experience at their prior dentist, and current ones stay with you because they know the kind of care you provide. They will, regardless of their past experiences. AllSolea makes it easy for them to have anxiety-free visits. They no longer have the need to feel the pinch of a needle, or hear the disturbing sound that the drill makes.

Not to mention, since the majority of procedures won’t require anesthesia, patientsThey can get back to school and work as soon a possible. They will feel relieved that they no longer have to wait to eat or drink, nor will they experience discomfort.

Are you ready to build a successful practice that attracts patients and retains them for life? Contact us when you’re ready. Convergent DentalLearn more about the Solea laser for dental treatment and how it can help you!

The Solea® Steps to Building a Successful Dental Practice and Attracting New Patients

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