Tooth sensitive to air – cavity??

I am 27 years old and have never had any issues with my teeth or a cavity. I have used a few sealants but that’s it. My last 6-month eval was conducted by the Hygienist who sprayed some air on a few points. She asked if there were any sensitivities. The majority of them answered no. One of them – yes! Yes, like jumping out of my skin. But I didn’t. I guess I wanted to keep my perfect record as a dentist. I was given a clean bill and no x-rays during this appointment. She did not explain why she had spray air at those areas, probably four total.

The long and short of it is that I have been experiencing some sensitivity in the same tooth. An upper pre-molar. Big triggers are hot, cold, or sugar. Is there a cavity in my mouth? Do you think that’s why she sprays the air? Even if I lied, they would have known that it was a cavity. My next eval won’t be until 5 months later. I’ve made it this far with no cavities – so why should I get one now??

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