True Cost of All On 4 Dental Implants

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Dr Alex Fibishenko discusses the costs of All On 4 Dental Implants Australia. These include all fees and rebates, as well as any other options you may have at our clinic. We also talk about All On 4 Plus which is our more advanced, immediate final tooth system. Stay tuned for the second cost episode, which will be available soon!
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——-Contents Video ——–
00:00 – Intro
00:19 – More information about our clinic
00:39 – More about this episode
01:16 – How much is All On 4 worth?
02:39 – What’s included in All On 4 Plus?
03:49- Rebates available
04:37 – What makes it so expensive?
06:45 – How can most patients afford it
07:17 – Is it worth it
08:21 – Before & after treatment of patients
08:50- Clinic contact details

All On 4 Clinic is one of Australia’s most prominent providers of All On 4 and dental implant concepts. We are the originators of the All On 4 Plus with Zygoma Plus solutions, which can be used by people with severely damaged teeth and those who don’t want to wear a dental plate.

We offer tooth replacement solutions (dental implants), that can be fixed immediately and designed to feel and work like natural teeth.

We offer the potential solution to your smile with dedicated All On 4 locations in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as Perth, Gold Coast, Perth, Tasmania, Gold Coast, Perth, and Tasmania.

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  1. Finally A honest dentist usually they say it's gonna let you know how much and then NEVER TELLS you EVER. NOT Here HE TALKS YOU EVERYTHING U NEED TO HEAR. Great great video great information that's what I've been waiting to see and if you're looking for information look no further you won't find better Thanks Dr for KEEPING IT 💯💯👍👍👍👍🏆🏆🏆🏆🤜🤛🔝🏆

  2. I sure wish dental care was affordable for everyone..Not everyone can afford what should be affordable for everyone. It is so expensive..and teeth are a some of us…can not afford to get dental work ..yet don't want to pull all our we live in pain & embarassment.

  3. This treatment should be made affordable to everyone! How can you put a price on your teeth you say?! We don’t have a choice! 98% of our country could never afford this. At least not without going into major debt. I find it so sad that someone invents something amazing that can help so many, yet it is not about helping people it becomes about the money. Someone please tell me why on earth Dental insurance sucks and at the same time how having all of your teeth removed and replaced is not considered under medical insurance?!

  4. Very informative and appreciated, however please remove the music or at least lower the volume it's difficult to understand what's being said. The music overwhelms the vocal audio. Thank you.

  5. Your prices are RIDICULOUS.
    😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹
    I just had the same procedure done in Spain for 1800 euros!!!
    Absolutely perfect and pain free.

  6. A tradesman carpenter electrician bricklayer what's the average day rate £150 to £ 200 a day + materials so what's the difference your still a tradesman the only thing I can see is your charging far to much.

  7. The dental associations in collusion with the corrupt United States government and state governments limit the number of dental schools to keep the prices high. Then they let the few students into dental school not just based on academics , but based on state based and federal based politics, who you know! There were fifty nine dental schools in 1978. There were not enough schools then. Today there are ONLY SIXTY NINE dental schools in the whole United States!!! Why. Who suppressed the number of schools? The population of the United States was 226 million in 1978. Today the “ official “ population is 333 million . There has been a 47 % increase in the population but only a 17 % in the number of dental schools and this doesn’t include the 25 to 50 million illegal aliens! My former dentist in a rural Georgia town had 8 hygienists in his practice. They were booked up for cleanings for 6 months. He told me he paid them $20 for each cleaning, he charged $60 per cleaning at that time 8 years ago. At 7 hours a day for 48 weeks a year that would be at least half a MILLION net a year just on cleanings . My last dental visit in Florida where I live, the cost for a root canal followed by a crown was $2600. Implants around here cost about $4000. OBSCENE ! What possible legitimate reason is there for this shortage of dental schools? Why are they limited? I have seen quite a few people that are unable to afford dental care and many end up getting a tooth after suffering in pain, pulled rather than a crown or implant!

  8. Sadly, the implant supplies aren’t that expensive around 200 dollars per metal implant, the doctors cost is the problem, you could have a complete face lift, breast implants and tummy tuck at this price. So basically, you could have almost total body by a plastic surgeon compared to what a dentist cost for one procedure. The training the dentist go through is a implant seminar with clinical training around a week and they can start performing implants. It’s very ridiculous that we have technology but the people that need it the most can’t afford it.

@drrashti Unfortunately … This could have been prevented 10 years ago #cancer #d…

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