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Convergent Dental just introduced Solea Sleep. It’s a new reason to use the dental office. Solea All-Tissue Laser. I implemented Solea Sleep in my practice 10 months ago. I’ve seen the improvements in health and happiness of my patients who snore.

This post will explain the Solea Sleep Snoring Treatment, its importance to a dental practice, as well as show some examples of patients who have responded to it.

What is Solea Sleep?

Solea Sleep provides fast relief for snoring through the tightening of the soft palate, and the reduction in vibrations that cause it. Solea Sleep, unlike other laser sleep treatments, which can take up to four sessions and last 30 minutes each, is a single, nonsurgical treatment that only takes five minutes. It has long-lasting results.

Why is Solea sleep important?

67% of adults snore – which means a large part of a general dentist’s patient population snores. Snoring can affect all aspects of a patient’s life, including their health and relationships. Until Solea Sleep, patients’ options were limited.

Snoring can dramatically affect the quantity and quality of a person’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for your mental and physical health. It can also improve your immune system. Poor sleep can negatively affect a person’s moods, concentration, and stress levels. Poor sleep may also increase your risk of developing certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression and heart disease.

Also, snoring can have negative effects on your personal relationships. The non-snoring partner often feels frustrated and angry that their loved one is keeping them from a good night’s sleep, and couples can end up sleeping in different bedrooms.

Solea Sleep allows dentists and snorers to provide a quick, painless, one-session solution. Both the patient or their partner will experience more restful sleep.

How does Solea sleep work?

Solea Sleep offers quick relief from snoring. This is done by tightening your soft palate and decreasing vibrations that may cause you to snore. Laser energy can disrupt the collagen cross-linking in the tissue layers. This causes collagen to contract, increasing stiffness. The close proximity of collagen and cells may result in new connections, which can increase the tissue stiffness. Solea Sleep decreases snoring vibrations by tightening these tissue layers.

Solea penetrates soft tissue at a depth that is remarkable. Solea effectively delivers energy to deep tissue layers with high collagen levels without having to ablate superficial tissue. The tissue is gently warmed to the right depth in the soft palette, which results in rapid contraction and instant results.

3 Actual Patient Cases of the Solea Sleep Nodding Treatment


We have the unique opportunity as dentists to assess snoring problems every day. Solea Sleep is a solution that both patients and practices can use. Laser snoring is a painless, non-surgical treatment that produces long-lasting results. Both they and their partners feel better at night, sleep better, and have a better quality of life. The practices can be done in a simple and non-invasive manner. snoring therapyIt takes just 5 minutes to administer, and offers additional opportunities for practice growth.

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What is Solea Sleep? | Convergent Dental

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