What is the thick brown gunk on my teeth?

Hi. Hello.

I’m a 30-year-old female with a bmi 23. I don’t smoke and do not drink. Every morning and night, I brush my teeth with fluoride toothpaste. I have a white crown on my front tooth that was damaged in a childhood accident. But other than that, there are no dental issues.

I’m currently pregnant and have experienced hyperemesis over the past two months. I have been vomiting a lot, sometimes 20 times per day. Now it is only a couple of times per week due to medication. It makes it difficult to eat and drink properly, so I was almost hospitalized for dehydration several times. Because it made me vomit, I stopped brushing my teeth for about a week when I was really sick.

I noticed that my top front teeth were covered with thick, sticky, dark brown gunk, particularly when my hyperemesis was at its worst. It covers about half the area of my mouth that is open. It covers my tongue, roof of my mouth, and inside of my lips in a similar thick gunk. It is very difficult to remove, although it does eventually disappear.

My main question is: What is the cause? It is possible that it is caused by something. What is the likelihood of it staining my fillings? What is the likelihood of it causing damage to my teeth/filling? Are there any things I can do to avoid it? Are there any things I can do to prevent it?

Thank you so much!

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