What to Expect From Dental Implant Surgery

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS)
Dental implants are becoming more popular to replace missing teeth. Implants are a long-term solution and are implanted in your jawbone just like natural teeth. Because they are not susceptible to cavities, they will even complement your natural teeth. Implants are not likely to cause damage to healthy teeth, or bone loss. Dental implants can last for a lifetime when properly taken care of.

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry’s oral and maxillofacial specialists have the training and experience necessary to provide the best possible results.

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  1. The cost of dental implants in the USA is rapaciously expensive and largely unaffordable, which is why so many Americans are walking around with missing teeth! It's a damn crime!

  2. Please I pray everyday that I can be chosen ..I am so happy for these people.. I went to Mint Denistry they pulled all my top teeth and never made my dentures they couldn't do it ….I have no teeth So I stuck at home and can't work im embarrassed

  3. lol i can grantee all of you commenting that your in more pain now than you will be after your surgery lol i figured that out the hard way, im getting my implants soon cant wait and i dont give a fuckkk about the pain lol GIVE ME NEW TEETH

  4. But they never tell you if you have pain the rest of your life. And if your in your 60"s why bother , your not going to live enough to use them. And the Cost, is only for the Rich. Why not post some of the ones who had it and messed their life up with them?

  5. I have gum disease and I ruined my teeth 8 our now now more to go teeth lose and honestly I regret it so much but we never think about this till bad things happen and will cost me about 30k people take care of your teeth not only will cost you tons of money but time and pain my gums are destroyed gum Shrank and became small so god knows what else I need I’m at the dentist as I’m writing taking out one more today and another day one more and goes on till all bad teeth are gone then I’m putting denchers then implants

  6. My oral surgeon's office forgot to tell me about the abutmnent and crown needing to be done elsewhere, so instaed of the $4,000 his office charged, the TOTAL would be close to $6,500 or $7,000 for ONE TOOTH. I should've researched this more before going in. Also, many dentists don't have the correct tools needed for the (BRAND of) abutment and crown, so finding that dentist is…like pulling teeth. There are 4 main brands and many cheaper ones made in India or Korea or wherever…but dentists usually only have one brand – one of the main 4. This has become a nightmare for me. The brand from India named Genesis costs $1,400 at one oral surgeon, but I am unable to compare prices between dentists for the last half of the procedure- and my surgeon's wife seems to be the only one with the tools and she charges $2,400 for the last half (abutment and crown). My Korean local dentist can do abutment and crown on the Korean brand Hiossen for $1,500, but cannot tell me which oral surgeon has Hiossen implants! None of the implant websites have a list of dentists/surgeons openly listed so that i can compare prices and services. If I get either the Korean or Indian implant, crown, and abutment, if I move or my dr. retires, I may have lots of trouble finding a doctor with tools if i ever need a repair – like if I get in an accident.

  7. Im shitting bricks i have to get one of these, i still have the molar thrre gonna pull the tooth and put the implant in all at once, they offer IV Sedation but i take suboxone cause i was addicted to heroin ive been clean for almost 4 years but i doubt there going to give me anything for the pain so im freaking out. Does anyone know if suboxone doctors give like pardons if ypure havibg surgery cause ill stop taking my subs and just take my pain meds till i dont feel pain anymore, im not going to abuse them but im scared everyone else is gonna think i will 😩 can it be done without pain meds post op ?

  8. You really want to know the truth about dental implants and how evil greedy dentists are exploiting everyone's self-conscious ? Try to Google how much dental implants cost without Surgery or how much dental implants cost alone and there's no actual answer to those questions. You'll mostly find that dental implants cost from $1000 a piece up to $3000+ a piece not to mention abutment an crown costs each anywhere from $500 to again $3000. Now that's anywhere from from $1500 to $6000 a tooth. WTF and dentist's in their delusional world keep placing ads that dental implants are more affordable than ever. Now I went to a clinic in Harrison AR . About 4yrs ago for an exam and the owner there went through her whole spiel about how dental implants cost so much because one company had the patent and controlled the prices. Can you smell the bull shit she was cooking? Now I'm dealing with a different Scandalous dental corporations franchise in Harrison AR. who refuses to cash the check that his mouth wrote and deliver full on the contractual agreement I signed with him. This company Claims that the are well known for their high quality dentures, yeah and I'm the Pope! Anyways I've been researching everything I can because these greedy pricks and twats refuse to listen to and address any of my concerns or even answer most of my questions about their Scandalous activities until I gave them e bad review mentioning said activities.
    . While doing so I found Dental Implants and the abutments , tools , accessories you name it on sites like Etcy and eBay. I've been checking them out and they are CE, ISO and FDA approved and actually only cost anywhere from $15 dollars a piece or 50 pieces for $950 and also made by many different companies, not just one that lying twat. WTF ? So evil dentist are dancing all the way to the bank. If this isn't a price gouging racket I don't know what is. Us hard working citizens need to step up and ask Congress to put a stop to this highway robbery!!!!

  9. Most of these cases sounds like they have gum diseases that destroyed their jawbones. Getting a deep cleaning before it gets worse should prevent a dental implant, no?

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