Why dental implants hurt! – Dentist explains…

Dr. O shares the reasons why dental implants can be so painful and what Innovative Dental has done to offer a much more comfortable solution for missing teeth. The majority of implants are placed free handed, meaning that there is a lot of pain and incisions required. Innovative Dental uses 3D Computer Guided Implant Placement to avoid this and provide patients with a more comfortable and quicker recovery.

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  1. How would you comment this fact
    I came across: Apperntly most of many dentist don't use a guide when placing the implant.

    Yet i read an article from a renowned expert warning that a guide must always be used.

  2. I’ve had my bottom teeth I’ll pull in in a week on my top teeth will be Paul and my dental implants the titanium screws will be inserted with a temporary prosthesis after six months I’ll get the permanent one $40,000 is a lot of money in Kentucky but I think it’s well worth it makes you look better YouTube better it’s much better than a set of dentures.

  3. I just had an infected tooth removed a few days ago they put me under general anesthesia. I was kinda freaking out a little bit. I have a horrible fear of needles. In 3 months i will pay for an implant I only need 1 I had braces as a kid for 4 yrs. The surgeon said my teeth are beautiful and I want to keep them that way. I had a nurse who was in a bad mood she took a needle and stabbed me in the hip after that i just cant do shots.

  4. I’ve just returned from a week in Turkey for the first part of an implant. I’m in pain more now than whilst I was there. I Can’t wait for 6 months time when I return to have the new crown put on. Hopefully it’ll stop me from grinding.

  5. Liar. Dental implant is just for dentists to fill their pockets. They don't last forever. Talk about the future complications. Never ever mess with implants in your mouth. Smell, taste; facial nerves, everything connected. Dentist dont tell you this. Everyone whi has had dental implant, either get facial nerve damage, lose sense of smell, taste, or worst.

  6. I have to say it does scare me. My situation kind of sucks because I have ended up having bone loss on the spot where I had a tooth pulled so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to get an implant without having bone placed down in the socket first

  7. Nope, a dental implant is nothing to a root canal procedure in regards to time/discomfort. At least for me-1 implant(today just had extractions & bone grafts for 2 more)+ 6 previous root canals from bad genetics/possibly of a parent or family member swapping when I was young. I’m also on blood thinners fo life @ 27 yrs young🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. I need my teeth fixed badly. Wish there was a place I could visit that uses this technology here in Chicago but I might just go down there if it isn't because this seems more suitable for me!

  9. I had an implant this afternoon, the pain killers and anesthetic have worn off and I have no pain whatsoever…I literally feels like nothing happened…apart fro a few stiches when I run my tongue over it

  10. Tomorrow I have appointment for implant 1.1, 1.2 . I was so scare but after I see your video and remembered that my doctor has the same “machine “ , now I can sleep.🙂

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