Worried about my included canine

This will be a long post. My dental situation is in disarray and I need your honest opinion. I feel like the irl dentistrys are trying to make me look bad to get my money. I am not fluent in English so I apologize if this isn’t the right terminology.

(For context, 22F. I smoke occasionally, don’t drink coffee, and have worn braces for some time in my childhood. No current dental pathologies (maybe some receding gums) or history of poor teeth in the family.

My teeth have always been effected. Braces were used in my childhood to fix my underbite and upper jaw. This dentist did not want to or could not put “regular” straightening braces onto me, as I had never lost my right upper baby canine tooth. Despite me having lost my baby tooth, he refused to take any xrays or look into it. He tried to scam me and I ended up quitting.

2016 was the first year I had a professional cleaning. My dad suggested that I start early prevention because of my family’s history with bad teeth. The dentist saw my canine and performed an x-ray. Because my adult canine grew crookedly inside the palate, my baby dog canine did not come off. The baby canine was not affected by this, and it is still there.

[Here’s the X-Ray](

[Here’s how it looks from the outside](

He stated that there are many ways to extract the tooth, such as [sping-loaded braces]( (?( I didn’t want that to happen to me during my teenage years. Also, this type of contraption is very expensive and requires regular medical attention. This dentist was about an hour from my house. He advised me against getting such a brace, saying that if my canine is fully functional and my palate can feel the tooth, I should leave it alone. I decided to follow his advice and leave it alone.

Now fast forward four years. I meet a guy, and his mom works as a dentist’s assistant. She sees the canine immediately and tells her boss. He started to make scary comments about me, such as “I already notice a bit of infected here” and “does that mean that if that tooth falls out they won’t be able to place a fake one in the socket (because the sideways tooth can’t fit the post there) and you’ll need to have a permanent gap in the tooth forever?” “don’t you want to have pretty teeth?🥺” and low-key high-key tried to talk me into wearing the same scary contraption my other dentist talked about.

This is again a scary and horrible thing. It will take many years to get my tooth straightened. However, I am now an adult. This procedure was not possible in my youth. It’d be very expensive. My bf can give me a discount, but it would still cost me quite a lot. It would be the only way. But it isn’t, according to me.

My father has been visiting dentists since he was a child. This is partly due to bad genetics and because he smokes heavily. His lower jaw has a total of six permanent and removable implants. Is it possible to get a removable one if and when my canine is injured? There are surgical options that can be performed to remove a lodged tooth.

It was two years ago, and my tooth has not acted up since then. Those words still haunt me so I decided to gather information on what to do when that time comes.

What’s your opinion, r/askdentists Are there other ways?

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