Would continuing to wear braces fix my misaligned jaw?

I am 17 years old, healthy, and have been wearing braces for 12 months. My teeth look almost straight. There are only two noticeable gaps in my front jaw. My problem is that my jaw is misaligned. This means that one side of me is more prominent than the others, making it look a lot like this guy.

[misaligned-jaw-facial-changes.jpg (920×613) (](

My underbite was present at the beginning of my braces treatment. It seems that it has been corrected 12 months later. My face is still slightly wavy. The last piece of information I’ve had about my jaw was them telling me if the braces **DON’T** work, I’ll have to get surgery. To look better, my jaw would need to move approximately half an inch to my left and possibly back or forward.

These braces will be on for at most 6 months. Would I notice any changes in my jaw alignment? Would elastics be able to push it in the right direction? I wouldn’t mind having surgery but I was curious if any alternatives are available. [inexpensive] alternatives.

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