Your Different Options for Dental Implants

If you’re lacking tooth, you will have heard that implants are an choice to get your smile again. However what are they and the way do they work? Right here with a Dental Implants 101 lesson is Dr. Roberto Monteagudo from WisconsinSmiles. The primary 25 individuals who name WisconsinSmiles will get a free dental implant evaluation with 3D radiographs. To make the most of that provide, name (414) 982-3676. Go to for extra info.

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    We responsible people have priorities to pay for like…..a mortgage & utility bills!!

  2. I believe that dentist are pushing implants too by selling their patients ILL FITTING DENTURES ( I’ve had mine for 7 weeks THEY ARE GARBAGE) and they keep telling me I should consider implants! I’m DONE! It’s maddening how do they sleep at night! I literally can NOT EAT!

  3. You really want to know the truth about dental implants and how evil greedy dentists are exploiting everyone's self-conscious ? Try to Google how much dental implants cost without Surgery or how much dental implants cost alone and there's no actual answer to those questions. You'll mostly find that dental implants cost from $1000 a piece up to $3000+ a piece not to mention abutment an crown costs each anywhere from $500 to again $3000. Now that's anywhere from from $1500 to $6000 a tooth. WTF and dentist's in their delusional world keep placing ads that dental implants are more affordable than ever. Now I went to a clinic in Harrison AR . About 4yrs ago for an exam and the owner there went through her whole spiel about how dental implants cost so much because one company had the patent and controlled the prices. Can you smell the bull shit she was cooking? Now I'm dealing with a different Scandalous dental corporations franchise in Harrison AR. who refuses to cash the check that his mouth wrote and deliver full on the contractual agreement I signed with him. This company Claims that the are well known for their high quality dentures, yeah and I'm the Pope! Anyways I've been researching everything I can because these greedy pricks and twats refuse to listen to and address any of my concerns or even answer most of my questions about their Scandalous activities until I gave them e bad review mentioning said activities.
    . While doing so I found Dental Implants and the abutments , tools , accessories you name it on sites like Etcy and eBay. I've been checking them out and they are CE, ISO and FDA approved and actually only cost anywhere from $15 dollars a piece or 50 pieces for $950 and also made by many different companies, not just one that lying twat. WTF ? So evil dentist are dancing all the way to the bank. If this isn't a price gouging racket I don't know what is. Us hard working citizens need to step up and ask Congress to put a stop to this highway robbery!!!!

  4. Shock value of price not explained. Be nice to know if you need teeth extracted, how much would that cost and can it be done same day as most offices claim, yours truly, poor guy…

  5. I find it disgusting that dentists charge so much for something that is a necessity! They behave as if people want them to only look beautiful, but it's necessary to eat and to live! Shame on all of you!

  6. I killed myself working sunrise to dark on my landscape and gardening business even took on tree work. I'm a 40 yr old female and killed myself on a long process of implants 9 bc one rejected. now I see all this about ultra thin horseshoe dentures and I'm like why did I not buy a house w this money I broke my back making.!

  7. No dental coverage in Canada unless it is private and/or you pay out-of-pocket. That said; due to outrageous cost and my age; I opted for a full bottom denture with two implant posts to secure/hold them in which I have found to be very effective. During the procedure of extraction (by a Dental Surgeon) I also had to have some bone grafting done to accommodate one of them. Result from the latter, I was somewhat bruised and swollen for about five days but can honestly say experienced NO pain however in respect to the surgical sutures I did have some discomfort (tenderness) for about two weeks until the sites healed. Fast forward; four months later after the implant posts fused to the bone, what they refer to as abutments were added to the posts and then I was fitted with a 'permanent full denture' (which were lined with some type of mesh alloy to give them more strength which I am not sure is a common practice). *Note: During the interim I had a temporary denture which IMO was beneficial though some people prefer not to have one. To conclude; it is a lengthy process but well worth it and I would highly recommend a) go to a Dental 'Surgeon' to have the procedureS done b) for the denture(s) themselves eliminate the 'middle-man' and go to a Denturist who not only makes them but can do ANY adjustments on the spot unlike that of your Dentist who normally seeks the outside service of a Dental Lab anyways. (My Dental Surgeon and Denturist coordinated appointments.) Apologize for being so long winded but hopefully my experience will explain some of the procedure if opting for denture implants.
    Footnote: I am not affiliated with any Denturist and even though I respect the profession of Dentists; I learned the hard way as an upper denture (prior to the extraction of my lower teeth) that my Dentist did (whom I was a patient of, for 20+ years) was so inferior that it was not only wasted money … but …. because they were so ill-fitted I just couldn't chew properly and my overall health was affected after trying to adjust to them for a little more than year. (I literally lost count of the appointments all to no avail! Even my G.P. was becoming alarmed! ). Needless to say, lesson learned as two trips to the Denturist and without exaggeration it was 'the difference between night and day' and reason why it was the deciding factor to go to a Denturist for my lower ones.

  8. Liar, implants hurt like hell when the anesthesia wears off but gets better in a few days. I had an implant inserted 5 months ago and it still hurts a little. And implants don't lasts a life time – supposedly 20 to 25 years depending on how you take care of your health. So if your teeth fall out because you smoke, eat junk food, lots of hot pockets, and donuts – forget it your implants are not going to last.

  9. Where's the alternatives to dental implants like the dentist said because all we was doing is trying to sell variations of dental implants and either way you cut it they're too expensive and I know he's wealthy as he can be so the best alternative to implants are to Lower the cost of them then people can SMILE and FEEL GOOD about themselves and out of pocket deductibles are too expensive for every day going to work people with families to spend money on and the ONLY way I can afford implants I will have to work a second job for 2 years and that's the ONLY option because you can't get implants treated until u have given all the money to them even with insurance it's just something about how they can charge sooo much for dentistry and have No mercy on you when it comes to paying for them and dentist make SO much money where they can do sooo many a year for FREE for people teeth that is in desperate need of treatment to help them build a better life because lawyers do sooo many FREE cases per year and change people lives for the best but dentist are just concerned about getting FILTHY rich and you would have thought they learned about Compassion alone the way in medical school but GREED is running through their veins and most of them see people coming in and they look at you like $$signs than a patient and then you got SOCIETY looking down on you because your teeth are jacked up but don't know how much it really cost to get new teeth and having insurance is just not enough the cost is enormous and we have more over weight people walking around with bad DISGUSTING looking bodies than people with bad teeth but according to SOCIETY I'm being CRUEL but when you insult people about their SMILE and cover your mouth when they are in your presence that's hurts but nobody cares about that but if I cut you down about your weight then I am labeled as being mean but anyways dentists please lower some of your fees and do some FREE work sometimes and GOD will BLESS you and yours

  10. I would love to have the mini dental implants but I just can't afford it. I've got to have the rest of my teeth extracted and a temporary dentures then about 6 months later I will get another set. Aspen Dental gave me a free assessment and it's gonna cost me over $4,000 out of pocket after insurance has paid. I really don't understand the cost . I say a prayer daily to get help with getting my smile back. 😀

  11. Here's what the good Dr. failed to mention… Without getting to technical, Zirconia all on 4 overdentures are very nice and yes very, very hard. Which can result in any of the following…. By the numbers please….. 5. Your opposing dentition can wear out rather quickly, perhaps even damaging it even further 4. Mouths prefer a softer material i.e. lithium disilicate or an excellent denture tooth that wears 3. If you have periodontal disease, you better take care of that before you throw $15,000 to $20,000 down the drain 2. The understanding that your patient needs to conduct daily cleansing along with routine checkups to ensure that those implants are in good health. 1. The possibility that your implant may fail. Infact 60% of implants fail at the 6 to 9 year mark. Bottom line. Do your research, speak to an oral surgeon, get a few estimates and take care of the teeth you have……

  12. Id love to get them!!! Im even an ortho tech and its a grand per tooth,1,000, like i have that lying around. I was in an accident and the dentist i went to said to get thigs done that now leave me embarrased and ashamed.

@drrashti Dental implants will change your life forever #dentalimplants #veneers…

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